There's No Escaping

I try to keep my eyes focused forward, but it's a useless effort.  One glimpse of that golden hair and my eyes are trapped, immediately swinging in your direction.  My gaze lingers on you for just a little too long, but it's all I can manage.  It takes all of my willpower just to tear my gaze away for a moment, long enough to watch the game in front of me and get distracted as soon as the ball hits the floor.  I'm supposed to be a part of this volleyball team.  We're playing in Provincials, yet you're far more interesting than any bragging rights, banner or medal could ever hope to be.

I stayed away.  I stayed away for a damned long time.  Not by choice, though.  I could never stay away that long by choice.  **** leukemia.  Whatever, you have the treatment you need.  Stay away, *****.  And yes, I mean leukemia.  *****.

That makes it sting a little more.  I look at the bruises on your chest and how damned tiny your legs are now, and I hate the treatments.  I hate the disease.  I hate the hospital.  But I know it was necessary.

Your eyes are green.  Back in Shakespearean times, green eyes were considered the most beautiful by far.  I agree.

Does anybody understand how it feels to see your smile again?  You grin and flirt and joke with me, just like it used to be, and I love it.  And I hate it.  Because, just like it used to be, I know I can't have you.  I still can't have you.  And I still love you.

After all this time, after all I've been through, after all you've been through.

I still love you.
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D'awwww this was so beautiful <3<br />
<br />
I want it to work out for you!!! <33333333333333

you and me both :/