Second week of school

I slowly get out of my bed mentally preparing myself for a new day. While I get ready I catch myself thinking about someone who I shouldn't be thinking about. Hitting myself in the forehead trying to correct my thoughts proves to be useless. I leave the house and arrive at the bus stop after a small calming walk. Going into the bus and greeting the polite lady "good morning" is probably the best part of taking the bus. I walk all the way to the back seat, plug in my headphones and blast my music as loud as possible; attempting to wake myself up. The bus finally arrives to hell and drops off all of the demons it was carrying. I go to the cafeteria, take my breakfast, sit with my friends enjoy a laugh or two and head on to five hours of torture; worst part is, i have to pay attention to the torture. Then proceeding to a sanctuary of food and fun, lunch time. I get lunch, sit with my friends who help me get distracted from the pain... Every day after lunch, as I walk to my next class; I always see an angle in the mist of so many demons. That is the best and worst part of the day. Each and every day I try to make contact, but i always remind myself that I am truly not worth anyones time; so i say and do nothing. My mind spends the next three hours multitasking between torture and the angles eyes; between hell and heaven. At exactly 4:00pm I hear the most magnificent sound my ears have had the privilege to hear. I get on the bus, go all the way to the back and blast my music, this time trying to blur out the angles face from my mind. After fifteen minutes the bus starts to get emptier and emptier then I finally arrive to my destination. Hungry and tired i open the door to the house and prepare myself a meal. Sitting down in the dinning room table my only wish being that someone would sit with me. I then proceed to do what i was assigned to do by my teachers and think about all the torture i endured that day. Doing my chores afterwards and taking a shower are the boring part of the day. After I'm done with that I lay down on my bed and think about all I did, all I could have done, all i should have done. As my eyelids get heavier and my thoughts begin to fade, my last sane thought is the angle.
LittleDalek LittleDalek
18-21, M
Aug 22, 2014