So this is a weird situation this is more of a question than a story but ok I'm only 13 I've never had a bf never had my first kiss 11 year old friend has a 14 year old bf and I really like him and they both know this and my friend is kind of weird and she thinks me and him would make a good couple and she thinks he likes me cause he does things to me that he doesn't even do to her he's grabbed my hand before but I freak out a bit around boys cause I don't like to get attached and also he's hugged me a lot and for some reason he likes to tease me I always ask him why does he always do that stuff he just tells me idk it's fun? And I get so confused one time he was leaving he told me "ok bye I love you" I was kind of weirded out so I just waved goodbye and idk what i should do I scared on what would happen between me and him and me and my bestfriend (and yes Ik people say it's weird for an 11yr. Old dating a 14 year old ) but they don't care I guess idk but please help Ik this is long but I need someone's opinion
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take your time, and do what you heart tells you. if your bestfriend stands back because she thinks the Boy is better for you then for her, then she is really a very good bestfriend.
and the way the Boy behaves, it seems he likes you and is shy as you are.
you dont Need to hurry. try to spend some time with him then you maybe see clearer

Thanks I'll try it out cause my friend says if he broke up with her to ask me out she'd be fine with it and yea she's a great friend she's basically a sister to me thanks :D

it was my pleasure and i hope you will be happy with hom and make your first romantic experience. But always be careful :-)

Umm thanks I hope if it ever happens it'll go well to thanks :-)