Dining With the General


I made the 4th Infantry Pistol team through hard work and some natural talent.

 When our team made it to the all Army pistol matches the 4th Division General made a rare but brief appearance at the team's pistol range.   He looked us in the eye and said “Win and you WILL be rewarded. I suggest you don’t find out what happens to losers.” He turned and left. 

  I worked HARD to be the best on the “team”. Not just because of the implied threat, but because I had found a safe home in the Army. Living with a bunch of guys who I seriously wanted to kill was very hard on me. I grew up with few social skills and never had or wanted a friend while in the Army.  My life on the team was safe because I enjoyed high status as the best marksman.   

  To make a long story short, I won the Grand Aggregate score and a bunch of first place trophies. One reward was dinner with the General at the General Walker Hotel. 

  I was measured for a dress blue uniform and my Captain and had a formal dinner with me and a few others to teach us how to eat in a formal setting.   You have to understand that I grew up thinking that all I needed to eat anything was a knife and my hands.   The Captain was very nervous about me but had to let me go because I was being honored as the top marksman. Basically, he made me promise that I would watch his every move and only do as he did. 

  Everything went find until the steaks and stuff were served. There was a pile of white things next to the steak that looked like rice to me. I took a large fork full and put the whole thing in my mouth. I found out later that it was raw German HOT horseradish. I felt like one of those cartoon caricatures who just had a felt a big Ka-boom go off in there mouth. 

  Fortunately, I did/do have a high tolerance for discomfort and was able to appear like nothing had happen. I was just sweating a lot more then every one else.   Yes, I have loved horseradish every since.       

Dewduster Dewduster
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4 Responses Mar 31, 2009

pixelita, I would have traded it all for a weekend with you. Back in the day when I had my single shot .22 I could not afford to miss...DD

LOL!!! I bet you'll never forget it! <br />
Best marksman... that's an honor! :-)

I worked very hard not to show anything. No one seemed to notice. I will never forget!!!...DD

lol id liked to have seen your face when you had your mouth full of that!