Twilight Saga

After summer vacation was over, i back to school. I notice everyone in school was talk about Edward, and Bella. i don't know those. so i ask my good friend about edward and bella, she explian about it and twilght book. i being to intrest to read but i couldn't do because i was too busy anyway. about few month later, i finally ask to someone to borrow the twilight book, i begin to read and suddnely i read whole book in like 3 days. i really enjoy for first time. Then i ask my former middle school teacher to borrow new moon. i not really like it but good still. then i read Eclispe from same teacher. i like better than new book. finally i ask someone in dorm to borrow the breaking dawn. i really like this book of all. so i got that book for christmas

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

I love this series, Twilight! I have read all four of them, I sat down and read them all, in maybe three days: it is a fantastic story. The last one, the fourth book, with the battle at the end, that one was the best, I think :)