Waiting in bed for you to come home...hoping it will be soon. I am lying face down....buried in a soft pillow...wearing just a tiny pair of lacy green bikini panties...my nipples are swollen with desire from the anticipation of you coming home any minute....I left a note on the table ..."Your slave is in bed...needing your **** in her special place....she is more than ready...please do not delay" I showered...gave my self a very sensual enema...to make sure I was prepared for you. I hear the door ...my ***** gushes with honey at the prospect of you taking me. you walk into the dark room...pull back the covers...I hear you take a deep breath and wordlessly you get undressed. You kneel on the bed between my legs...kissing my thighs...your strong hands spread my...lift my hips higher...to the "hole high" position you love so much...my body writes with anticipation...I need you in me so bad...the scent of my hot wet ***** fills our room. your lips touch my lower ones...through the thin fabrc...i feel your tongue and press back to get more you...I moan loudly as I feel you peel my panties down....rotating my *** in a lewd in vitation....my body begging for you to use it. naled now I arch my back to offer you all of my femininity. I feel your hands on my naked ***...spreading me wide open...my kness strain to spread as far as possible. your tongue paints a red hot trail from my p[ussy to my *******...your face deep between my thighs as your fingers rub my button...your tongue pushes into my pink puckered *******..My body goes rigid...as it explodes in a violent ******...shaking twosting over and over as fantastic spasms of pleasur e roll through me. Wiothdrawing your tongue you ask me"are you ready ..."
I moan ..."Yessssssssssssssssssssss Master...please hurry...I need it...i have needed it all day....**** my ***" I feel you kneel up behind me...your rampant erection kisses my *******...your strong hands grip my hips..."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I moan as your **** spreads my hot lil hole. I push my hips back sinking you all the way up my sensitive ***. you pause...letting me adjust to your hard thickness...then yopu begin stroking me...slowly at first...in and out ....I feel my ******* turn in side out each time you withdraw...then feel you push it back in again as you **** me into ecstasy. I reach back to pull my cheeks wider apart...sprwseading myself...surrendering my body...and my soul to your wonderful *** splitting ****...you reach up...pulling my hair as you begin riding me hard....slamming your balls again st my ****...drivin g your **** deep up my tight ***. My ******* tightens its grip on your manhood...squeezing you...i stroke you with my *******...bucking under you...thursting back I beg oyu.."spank me daddy ...hard" your large hand smacks my upturned bottom...your **** driving me insane...spanking me with one hand your other finds my pleasure pearl...rubbing it...I buck under you in a frenzy now...as I feel your **** swell....sensing your near explosion I thrust and squeeze harder...needing to feel your **** erupt deep inside my velvety *******. You pull my hair hard....ramming deep intop me balls full of *** slapping against my *****...you moan outloud..."NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" as your **** shoots streams and streams of your whiter hot *** up my anal canal...triggering my own ******...my body shaking...spasming, twoisting....erupst in a gut wrenching climax. We both shudder trough pure sexual ecstasy as you empty your load into my belly...I collapse under you....as the sensual tremors of the sfter shocks shake my body,,,i turn my head kissing you..."Thank you daddy":
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I would love to stick my big **** in your tight butthole.

You are welcome sweetheart! Now clean daddy up and let me rub that little hiney hole it seems to be all swelled up.

good girl indeed

Oh my babydoll, I am so ready to experience this with you...

brilliant thanks!

Thank you hotlilhiney, that was simply wonderful.

Ohhhh how your stories excite me. I'm am incredibly hot for **** right now. Thank you so much you're great

very good story

Is that just a story or a factual event....?

Awesome! I'm about to go do that to my wife right now!

OMG I'm HARD as a ROCK readin this...LUV the thought of my tongue in that puckered *******...and U squirming beneath me.<br />
<br />
LUV to chat with U...AND exchange some emails !<br />
<br />
sam<br />
hotonesam@gmail.com<br />
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okay, I'm hard.


oh god what a story !! great

:)<br />
<br />
You do have a tendency to make the blood migrate to the middle of my being.....

wow, loved that story, horny as hell, thanks x

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can feel it

Excellent story. I rated you up after just a few lines. Could you tell me how you give yourself the very sensual enema?

great story thanks

Wow! That can create a desire in a person.

Ouch.... I would have made sure there was astroglide handy!!!!!

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