Its Why I'm Here

It all started when i was bored and slightly upset due to my mishandled birthday. i decided to indulge in the wisdom of strangers. I wound up here and have been scouring for interesting people to talk to.

Thanks to the beauty of the internet's anonymity i can talk about everything that wouldn't break that! people give much truer and more interesting answers when they dont have to worry about consequences. Here i can talk about anything freely (assuming it wont breach said anonymity)

yedmeipa yedmeipa
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

To practice anonymity on the internet allows me to ignore the effects of change. If people in the real world found out some of the things i indulge in here, well i dont know the consequences and i dont want to know the consequences. i enjoy not having to think about the consequences.<br />
<br />
but its cool that you can just be open with everyone.

i am a rare breed but mainly Canadian <br />
i could not care if i was in front of you or on<br />
feel very comfortable with who i am, so much to the point where i do talk to people about anything. actually its funny my husband just mention how talkative i am with just about anyone