Sup sorry I couldn't post recently I was on holiday! Long story so I will post it in parts. So where was I....

I woke up on the morning my hubby was ment to be back and I was starving I ran out of the food I brought 3days in so I didn't eat at all yesterday i felt like eating the millions of boxes surrounding me I was so hungry. The take away guy gave up coming after my 15th order in a day

I am not able to get up in my own after my eating for the past 4days so I am littraly couch bound. At 10:00 I heard the door open I called out, my hubby arrived Home. He took one look at me and said," You haven't moved since I left have you" and I awnsered "not much" He got me up and on the scales 312lbs I'm just over my goal!

I looked at myself in the mirror my zebra wonzie stretched over my mass looking about to rip any second. I am over my goal but starving! I asked my hubby if we could go and get some food I haven't eaten for at least a whole day.

He smiled and told me to pack a suit case for a week so I did. We drove for hours stopping of at gas stations to get a meal for 3 each time I lay in the back lounging feeling satisfied I fell into a deep sleep and woke up at a hotel IN SPAIN!! The room is massive and I am soo ecxited about the week
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Amazing! :)

Oh wow, i hope you enjoy my country and all it's foods! ^-^

That is awesome! Do you have a goal weight in mind at all? :-)

Sounds like an idylic lifestyle hon , looking forward to the rest of the story !