We've had an unseasonably warm spring, affording me plenty of shirtless time. Here's a sampling of adventures over the past week.
I got away with ordering sandwiches in a Subway and a Togo's with no protests. Got a shirtless haircut at Great Clips, and some bewildered stares from other customers! A woman pulled over in her car, told me I had a "nice body," and asked to photograph me!
But the grand finale happened when I was walking down a residential street admiring the fine old houses and saw 3 small boys (brother?) playing in a yard. When he saw me approaching, the eldest cautioned "Stay together!" and gathered the others in his arms. They huddled and stared with consummate suspicion as I walked by and waved. Needless to say, they did not return the greeting! Wonder why a shirtless man posed such a threat.
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Jesus reading these is giving me a *****

Well, when I was younger, I'd be pretty scared to be almost approached by a shirtless man. You might not have been, but there's real creepers in this world.

Is a bare chest a symptom of creepiness?

Not really but some kids didn't like seeing other people half-naked because they associated that with a creep. In my young mind, whenever my dad was shirtless I was terrified that he'd take the rest of his clothes off and do something.

Uh what? lol I just didn't like people being shirtless at the time. In my little mind, if clothes were a thing, then people HAD to wear them because what's the point if people just go shirtless? That was my mentality. It doesn't bother me anymore. I'm not TOO ashamed of my chest, but I am just kinda afraid of people pointing out my "man boobs", even though I'm not really that big haha.

you have man boobs at age 18-21 ??? how did that happen

Well I'm 17, a TAD chubby. I'm short, and my cousins and stuff used to tease me that I wasn't COMPLETELY flat chested as a kid. I don't have abs or any of that.


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