HOT Sex!!!

An ex girlfriend and I were making love once and she said, OMG my lips are on fire and I said, yeah Baby I know and she says no they are really on fire, well I felt a burning sensation in my nether region and soon was burning also. Earlier before foreplay and sex we had  had a pizza with freshly chopped jalapenos on it, I had chopped the jalapenos, I had washed my hands at least twice, but the  oils and the heat transfering parts stayed on my hands and fingers and were ,well transfered to our private parts. we spent most of the evening with washcloths filled with ice on our privates, yeah it was Hot Sex, but not what I had wanted or her either, later we laughed about it, now when I chop jalapenos I wear surgical gloves, better safe than sorry.

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I think you two are very lucky, would be nice for more of us here to find a special someone to scratch our itches. Thanks for for the nice comments.

I think his motivation may have been to cause the itch so I would need HIM to scratch it. <br />
<br />
Actually, I am just joking around. He scratches my itches all the time and I love it so he doesn't have to apply anything that will increase the itch. I'm always itching for him anyway.

I don't need motivation like that to scratch that type of itch, just a willing partner, I don't have one of those now. I'm sure you were more than willing for him to scratch your itch.

Naw, the burn wasn't worth the fun afterwards. We can have that fun without the burn. Although I sometimes wonder what his real motivation was since I was itchy for about a week afterwards and he was the only one who had the equipment needed to scratch that itch (if you know what I mean ;-) ;-)

Hmmm maybe you should have saved that lube for another fun dip in the lake sounds like was more fun than not.

My husband bought some ginger lube once. He said it was supposed to cause a sexy tingling sensation. I guess we are both very sensitive down there because it burned like a wild fire. It was in the summertime and we both ended up running down the dock and jumping in the lake at our home to squelch the flames. The cool water combined with the hot lube actually felt really good and we ended up making love in the lake under a star filled sky. It was incredible, but we still tossed that horrible, stinglng lube.

hahaha i hope that 'spiced up' your love life dude. congrats on the funny story

True enough, but if you read my other comments , you'll see I was dumb enough to get some in my own eyes, oh well, oh hell.

loooooooool lucky u didnt touch her eyes

Tell you what. I had a similar experience. I made scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes, grated cheese and finely chopped fresh green chillies and corriander. Enjoyed it with toast & butter. I needed to go pee, so there I was holding my **** and directing the flow. Then after a while my **** tip was on fire like mad. OMG, it went on for about 20 25 minutes. I can never forget this experience. LOL. Hahahaha.

Very Funny!

This really made me laugh. Great story, sort of thing I would do ...

Not only did this happen but I had some surgery and then did the same thing later only I was all alone, just can't leave those hot items alone I guess.

I can relate, I and my wife before we married went through the same thing. We still talk about on occasionand laugh about it now.

Not only is it cute is an actual event was, a bit disconcerting at the time, but later we made up for lost , um time.