The First Time I Pulled On Those Pantyhose Changed My Life!

I had been wearing panties, dresses and long white girls socks for ages, as my Sister had been dressing me up whenever we were alone in the house. One day however, she handed me a pair of the pantyhose that she was now wearing for school as she was in the seniors and said that I should put them on. Inexpertly I put pulled them over my feet and up my legs, to much giggling and tutting from my Sister who considered herself an expert in the field of wearing nylons. As I pulled these tan tights up my theighs and over my white panties which encased my stiff manhood, and finished them up at the wiast, they felt great and tight on my legs which was wonderful. However, the best was yet to come because as I let my skirt fall back down from where I was pulling it up whilst getting into the pantyhose, I experience that delightful feel of skirt on pantyhose clad legs. How different they felt to the skirt over my bare legs, so cool and how fantastic as my skirt brushed them with each step I walked. I was hooked and that started a lifetime of wearing these marvelous garments.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

The first time I crossed my legs in shiny, sheer-to-waist pantyhose was incredible. But because I wear plastic unlined supersmooth,supersoft gowns,skirts etc,,,the feel of PLASTIC swishing over shiny hose is mind-blowing!x

Wow, sounds really good although I do not yet understand plastic in this way I understand that it must feel great against your pantyhose. How did you start with plastic?


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