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Had A Bad Snag In My Black Pantyhose, So I Ran To The Mall For A Replacement Pair

I went to a nearby high end mall for lunch at the food court. After I finished eating, I decided to go looking around for hosiery in the department stores to replace a pair of black 30 denier firm support pantyhose I stupidly punctured, because I didn't file my nails completely.  I loved wearing black nylons which were so much fun to wear because they were attention getting, and so sexy to look at. Women who understood how to capture a man's attention wore black lingerie and black hosiery. However, my intention was not to capture a man's notice, but to indulge in my hosiery fetish.

The hosiery department of a store was a fetish heaven for me, because I loved looking at all the latest styles and colors of pantyhose, and tights. Leg wear to me was like colorful emotional paint was to an artist, because colorful hosiery and female legs combined made Leg Art. Also, I loved reading the fabric information on hosiery packages, and looking at the hosiery colors on the swatches that compared hosiery shades and hosiery deniers. Finally, I loved looking at the women who came by to select and purchase their leg wear. Those lucky ******* got to wear nylons I thought. However, so did I.

As I was feeding my fetish in the hosiery department, I glanced over to see a couple of very pretty cool school girls who were also hosiery shopping. I noticed that they were wearing tight black miniskirts, cleavage revealing black silk blouses, shiny black thin denier pantyhose, and sexy 6 inch black stiletto platform shoes. They looked like cheerleader material, because they had such  lean athletic bodies, gorgeous shapely hosed dancer legs, perky ****, beautiful porcelain white skin, full lips, and sexy long blond hair. They definitely were head turners. However, they appeared to be very closely involved as a couple since they were holding hands, and petting each other. It was endearing to watch them.

Soon the pretty blond girls and I made eye contact. Then, we smiled at each other in a friendly way. Next, they approached me, and started searching for some pantyhose right next to me. My heart started to beat excitedly, because they looked so delicious in their hot black nylons, and I stole glimpses of their pantyhose legs. Finally, one of the beautiful blond girls spoke to me, and I smiled at her as I boldly looked at her nylon legs from her waist down to her sexy heels. I didn't try to even cover up the pleasure I received from her leg show. She saw me scope her legs out, and beamed with pride.

"Like my black hose? I caught you stealing glimpses of my nylons. Did you need any help selecting the right pantyhose product, size, color shade, or have any questions about pantyhose?" She inquired along with showing me a nice sweet smile. "How about the ones in your hand? I'll bet you would look so freaking hot wearing those pantyhose for me," she teased. "What do you think about wearing pantyhose for me?" Asked the pretty blond co-ed. She continued and said, "I knew you liked my black hose and legs by the way you were scoping my sexy body out so obviously. If I had my way, I'd make all men wear pantyhose or tights, because they made legs look so sensuous and sexy to look at. Of course, looking at their little mushroom shaped ****** surrounded in silky nylon is also a turn on for me and my girlfriend."

I looked up at her, and recognized that the pretty girl and her girlfriend were students at my high school. Her smile told me she was open to talking with me.

"You were so funny teasing me about hosiery. Hi I'm Collant. I've seen both of you at school," I said.

The girl who asked to help me introduced herself as Vickie, and introduced her partner as Susan.

"Collant weren't you on the school swim team?" Asked Susan.

"Yeah. How did you know that?" I asked.

"We were cheerleaders and school spirit supporters, so we went to many of the games or athletic events that were not only football, or basketball. I remembered you doing the breaststroke in a few relay races, and that you helped our team win a few swim meets. You had a nice lean swimmer's body with beautiful sexy legs. In fact, your lovely shapely shaved legs would look really hot in shiny nylons and stiletto high heels!" Susan exclaimed.

"Thanks Susan," I agreed. "You know I was thinking about buying these sexy jet black nylons. What did you think about their denier? Should I go more opaque?" I boldly asked.

"Stay with that denier. Since you have smooth shaven legs, those pantyhose would certainly showcase your hot legs with 30 denier, and 25 percent spandex will give you extra leg support providing you with leg energy. But why stop there? I think it would be so cool to play dress up with you. We could dress you up in firm black pantyhose, and sexy black lingerie. Then, we would apply make-up and a beautiful wig on you to make you look like a hot chick. Finally, we could be your audience as you jacked off hot *** in front of us dressed up like a little hot *****," she said seriously. "You would be the star of your pantyhose dress-up fetish show."

"You are a little transvestite aren't you?" Asked Vickie

"Have you ever been pegged?" Inquired Susan. "We could help you with that as well," she laughed.

"Girls, you cracked me up with all your erotic teasing," I laughed. "Sounds like you girls know a lot about perversion and sex,"I remarked.

"Collant were you here on an errand for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Did the poor thing get a run in her nylons, and then she asked her knight in shining armor to bail her out by helping replace her torn hose? Teased Vickie.

"She or he must really trust you to let you buy their pantyhose," commented Susan.

 "I got a run in my last pair of  jet black pantyhose, and needed a replacement," I admitted. "It's such a ***** that nylons have the life of a moth," I observed.

"Amen sister," agreed Susan.

"That's so cool that you would cop to that," said Vickie.

"I enjoyed looking at pantyhose and tights in stores or on the sexy legs of girls like the both of you. Black pantyhose was so much fun to wear and such a turn on for me as it was for you two hotties. It just wasn't fair that only girls got to wear tights, and pantyhose, and then have so much fun showing off their legs wearing leg wear," I stated. "So, I decided not to deprive myself of anything that was sexy and feminine to wear. Pantyhose is so feminine and I love wearing pantyhose."

"I completely get you," answered Susan.

"Would you like to touch and stroke my leg to feel the silky soft nylon texture?" Asked Vickie.

"Were you serious? Would you allow me to touch your sexy silky sheer black stocking leg?" I asked.

"Of course I would. That way you would really appreciate and enjoy the silky feeling of the black nylon spandex on your hand as you were stroking my leg," said Vickie. "Perhaps you'll even get a hard on," she teased.

I eagerly got on my knees like a little fetish slave, and slowly stroked her silky nylon leg from the bottom of her miniskirt hem down to her very thin ankle above her black high heel shoe. Next, my hand stroked her up her nylon leg to the place where I began touching it. I loved the silky nylon spandex feeling on my fingers and hand, and savored every second my hand was on her shapely black nylon leg. Also, I imagined wearing her shiny leg flattering pantyhose with my **** getting hard inside it's panty. I thought that it's not fair that girls get wear such a sensuous garment.

Therefore, it felt very erotic for me to stroke Vickie's black nylons in the hosiery department of the store. Imagine being asked by a hot girl to stroke her silky nylons while she wore them in the hosiery department, especially if you had a pantyhose fetish. That invitation was gasoline on a fire for me. My **** swelled and stood up appropriately.

"Collant, did you enjoy the silkiness of my pantyhose? Did you get an erection just for me? Would you like to wear my shiny dreamy pantyhose? It appeared that you were very turned on touching my pantyhose," Vickie observed.

I smiled and said, "Just looking at you dressed like you were was a very erotic turn on for me. Whenever I saw a hot girl like you wearing her nylons, I got turned on with an erection. Later on, I would climax thinking about her and her sexy pantyhose."

"You were so naughty," said Vickie.

"Women's shapely legs were works of art especially when they were sheathed in tight shiny hose," I reverently answered. "I loved females, and their girly nylon hosed legs," I continued.

"I agree," said Vickie. "So do I," she added.

"You aren't embarrassed to wear pantyhose. Yes, pantyhose were designed for girls, but who cares? If you wanted to wear pantyhose or tights, you should be able to set yourself free, and satisfy your curiosity. I loved to wear hosiery since it was a lot of fun to wear, and my legs felt great wearing nylons. Also there were many styles and colors to have fun with. When you wore some types of hosiery, it's almost like being naked or being free. Nylon was extremely thin and delicate, and you were very close to being naked when you wore it," said Susan.

"The Hanes pantyhose you are holding is perfect for you. Hanes Alive is firm sheer support pantyhose that will make love to your legs, because of its tightness and semi-gloss shine," Vickie said.

"Collant, let's buy these pantyhose, and some other feminine items for you. We will go shopping with you. Then we can all get back to our apartment, party, play dress-up, and watch your reaction to wearing girls clothes. That would be a lot of fun and very cool," offered Vickie.

"Also, we would put some glamorous make-up on you and a wig. Then, we could see you look like a pretty hot *****," added Susan.

"I don't know about that girls. I am a little shy and intimidated about doing what you have suggested," I said.

Both girls looked at each other and smiled as if they were up to something.

"Collant this was a once in lifetime opportunity. Wouldn't you like to model silky sexy pantyhose for two hot babes? So make up your mind now, otherwise we must be on our way sweetie," said Vickie.

"Girls, my answer is yes!" I exclaimed.

Vickie got on one side of me, and Susan got on the other side of me. I was like a hot dog in a delicious hot blond pantyhose bun. They both kissed me on each cheek, and then they gently stroked the crotch area of my jeans causing me to get another erection.

They were very excited about me accepting their play day invitation, and decided to purchase some lovely feminine items for me to wear and play in at their apartment. First, they chose a pair of Hanes Alive jet black sheer to the waist pantyhose. Next, we proceeded to the lingerie department, and the girls selected a pair of sexy black nylon bikini panties, padded black bra, and very short black nylon half slip. Finally, they kept the new lingerie as if they were dangling a carrot in front of a donkey in order to entice me to come to their apartment later on for a real fetish adventure.

Vickie gave me her address, and told me to come over later on since her parents were gone. There would be food, drink, and leisure drugs.

Shortly afterward, I got into my car and drove to rendezvous with my new beautiful cheerleader friends. I thought I had an erection the entire time I spent driving to the address my new friend gave me as I imagined myself prancing around the girls in black pantyhose, panties, slip, and bra.

Then I parked and ran to the front door of the luxury condominium building, and pressed the security entrance button.

"Who's there?" Asked Susan.

"Hi it's Collant, you know from school," I answered.

"Hi babe glad you are here. Come on in," she answered.

I opened the door and walked to the elevator. The lobby was very beautiful and I thought that this family must come from money.

My new friend lived on the penthouse floor and that's where the elevator took me. I got out and followed the number signs posted on the building wall to their apartment. Then I arrived at my destination, and knocked on their door.

Susan opened her condo door and welcomed me with open arms. We embraced with a nice long hug. Then she kissed me sweetly.

I looked at beautiful blond Susan. Her make-up was stunning, and she was wearing a very, very, short pair of distressed ripped blue denim cutoff shorts along with very shiny suntan tights, a denim shirt tied off at her waist making her **** appear very large, and black ballet flats. Susan's clothing made her blue eyes appear like beautiful blue pools of water. Her hosiery was extremely shiny, and I thought that she wore her cheerleader tights to turn me on.

Moments later beautiful blond Vickie appeared in the hallway of their condo to greet me as well. Her long straight blond hair was very shiny, and her make-up was seductive. Also she was wearing black leather hot pants with shiny black tights, a tight black blouse and black Mary Jane flats. I thought, let the games begin.

"Now you may get on your knees to feel my silky shiny black tights, and kiss my beautiful hosed legs," Vickie said.

I immediately did what she suggested, and lovingly felt her silky nylon covered legs and kissed them all over. I was so excited to be able to touch her and her hot shiny black tights.

"Collant, you may put your pretty little nose on my hot pants crotch and sniff my sex," continued Vickie. I gripped her leather hot pants *** cheeks and rubbed my face into her crotch to sniff her sex. She smelled so fine. I felt blessed.

Susan approached me, and asked me to unzip my jeans. After I did that, she put her hand down my pants through my underpants, and found my hard ****. Then she gripped it, and gently massaged it up and down like she was jacking me off. I felt so much pleasure from her hand job.

"Our tights had a magical effect on your ****. Vickie see for yourself," said Susan.

Vickie put her soft hand down my pants, and also held my long hard **** with her long sensuous fingers.

"That's so interesting," said a very excited Vickie. "It's just pantyhose, not Jennifer Lawrence's *****," she mocked.

"Collant, we were so happy to see our nylon fetish little boy," Susan said.

"Girls, may I also put my hand down your panties and stroke your *******? I have never done that before," I lied.

"Sure Collant, however, you must wash your hands in very hot water with sudsy soap," Vickie said.

Susan took me to their huge master bathroom, and I closed the bathroom door. Immediately, I searched the wastebasket for pantyhose and panties to take home later as a souvenir of my fetish adventure with these sweet beautiful blond girls. Inside the basket were a pair of black tights and a black bikini panty. I had struck hosiery fetish gold. Then, I held up the black opaque tights to see how severe the damage was, and sniffed the panty crotch. Those tights were still moist with girly juices on the gusset, and I sniffed and licked them up. That was so tasty. The discarded panties also had that sweet musky smell that girls left in them. I planned to steal everything when I left later on for a sensuous souvenir .

Moments later, I came out of the bathroom with clean hands, and showed both girls.

"Did you find anything you wanted in the wastebasket?" Laughed Vickie.

"Yes, I did. I found sexy black tights along with fragrant girly scented black panties," I answered. I was so thirsty that I licked the tights' gusset that had some honey's ***** juices on it, and inhaled her feminine perfume on the sexy panties.

"Nice, honey. You really were twisted. It's all good," said Susan.

I walked over to Vickie, and she guided my hand and fingers into her black leather hot pants, and under her black shiny nylon tights. Then she guided my forefinger into her *****. My finger slid into her damp hole. Next she instructed me how to manipulate my finger inside her to spread her hood to expose her nerves, and then move my finger in a circular motion to greet her **** which made her moan and scream with joy. Susan watched as I fingered her in front of her roommate until she exploded violently with a creamy ****** on my forefinger.

"Oh, oh, aah, aah," Vickie was moaning. "That's a perfect way to begin an evening with a total stranger."

"Shall I jack you off as well Susan?" I asked.

"Don't mind if I do," she said.

I approached her and she put my hand down her short shorts and shiny tan tights, and then my forefinger slid into her soft velvety wet *****. I repeated the same manipulation with my middle finger. She was melting with ecstasy and moaning louder than Vickie. Within a few minutes I hit the magic hot button and she climaxed with hot cream on my finger as well.

Susan pressed her lips into mine and inserted her tongue into my mouth, then passionately French kissed me. Then she took my damp finger and licked her juices off too.

"Since we have been introduced to Collant, and his magical electric fingers, let's go in and sit down and party," suggested Susan.

All of of sat down and the girls brought out a little mirror with lines of blow on it. We inhaled the white powder. Then we smoked some reefer through a bong. The buzz foundation was laid.

Then all of us went into the dining room to eat all kinds of yummy food on huge platters. In addition to the food, there was beer. All of us ate and drank with such relish.

"Whenever I had an ****** I got hungry and thirsty," said Vickie.

"Me too," said Susan.

"Let's change our clothes, and get comfortable," suggested Vickie.

The girls went into a bedroom and took me along. I sat down and the girls ******** off their blouses and short shorts to expose their bras and tights. I was very turned on being there, and watching those beauties in their undies. Then it was my turn to ***** off my shirt, tee shirt, and jeans.

"Collant, take off your boxers. So, I took off my underpants and was completely naked.

Vickie came over to me and asked me to unhook her black bra. Then she faced me and started to kiss me while she was slowly stroking my **** to give me a ragging hard-on, and stopped. You could've hung a hat on my ****.

Susan came over and brought me the black padded bra, black panty, black pantyhose and slip they bought earlier. First, she hooked the bra on me, then I sat on the bed as she got on her knees to spread moisturizer on both of my hairless legs. Then, l put on the sexy black panty, and unhooked her bra as well.

"Here is what you have been curious about, silky, soft, tight and sexy pantyhose. When you slip these on your legs the spandex fabric will hug them like a lover would hug you," said Susan.

Vickie came over to watch me take my hand and put it into the left pantyhose leg and go slowly to the foot. Then, I guided my left foot slowly into the nylon leg, and repeated the same for the right leg. Finally, I pulled up the pantyhose above my waist, and pulled each leg up for snugness. I was so hard, because I was wearing firm support pantyhose and lingerie. Vickie and Susan were astonished, because those simple garments that they wore on a daily basis had such a sexual effect upon me. Then, Vickie handed me the short black half slip and I put it on.

"Let's apply some makeup to Collant's face. Go in the bathroom and wash that pretty face honey," said Vickie.

I walked into their bathroom a turned the water faucet on. Then, I bent over to reach into the wastebasket to pull out the discarded tights. I held the tights' gusset up to my nose, and inhaled the ***** scent. Suddenly the bathroom door opened, and both girls caught me sniffing the ***** soaked gusset.

"Oh my, you are such a naughty boy. We will have to have you eat some ***** later," said Susan.

"Yes, Susan. But first we will have to demonstrate how to properly eat out a pink ***** after we play dress-up with our little girl," said Vickie.

I finished cleansing my face and went back into the bedroom. I sat down and waited for the make-up to be applied to my well scrubbed face.

Both girls collaborated with my makeover only wearing their tights and exposing their uncovered perky **** and erect nipples. They made me look beautiful with eye shadow, eyeliner, false eyelashes, mascara, foundation, blush, lip liner, and lip gloss. They were having so much fun laughing and chatting with me as they carefully tested and applied make-up on me.

"So honey, how old were you when you discovered you were in love with girls' lingerie especially pantyhose and tights?" Asked Vickie.

"I was 6 years old and I couldn't take my eyes of off the girls who were wearing tights to school. I loved looking at all the colors of their tights, and later on I loved looking at the girls wearing pantyhose," I answered.

The girls finished putting make-up on me, and brought out a blond wig with long straight hair. They placed a nylon skull cap on my head to cover my hair, and put the sexy wig on my head. I looked in the mirror and loved the way I was dressed, and the way I looked. Now I was a blond cheerleader too.

Both girls smiled at me, and then they took off their tights. I sat and watched as both of them got on the bed. They stared at me in silence and then Vickie spoke.

"We are going to teach you how to properly eat *****," Vickie said.

Susan lay on her back and spread her beautiful legs. Then Vickie spread Susan's ***** hood with her long sexy fingers. I watched her lap her ***** lips with a very fast tongue flickering up and down penetrating deeply into her ****. Next she spit a small amount of saliva on Susan's ***** lips for more lubrication, and took two fingers of her right hand then moved them quickly right and left like a vibrator against Susan's *****, and massaged one Susan's **** with the other hand. Finally Vickie was licking ***** rapidly as Susan was moaning and screaming with pleasure.

"Ah, Ah, faster *****. Oh my god, your tongue was electric. Oh yeah!" Susan screamed.

She inserted her tongue deeper into Susan's ***** licking some more, and finished her off with her middle finger being inserted deeply at the bottom of the Susan's ***** opening.

"You **** my ***** so good! Oh my god! Oh, Oh, yeah!" She screamed and yelled as she climaxed to shake the bed.

I was so turned on, and my **** was extremely hard. I needed to ***, but I couldn't ******** during that fantastic live show.

"Did you take good notes honey? You are going to eat me like that," Vickie said.

Then beautiful blond Vickie got on her back to spread her hot shapely legs and asked me to repeat what was just taught to me by beautiful bond Susan. I was on my knees next to her and gently exposed her ***** hood. Next I eagerly started to lick her nipples and then her vaginal lips to penetrate them to her nerves. Also I licked her ***** methodically up and down and in circular motions. She was moaning with pleasure. Finally I took two fingers and also started fingering her as well.

"Oh Collant you can lick ***** as good as a chick can!" Vickie yelled. "Faster, Faster, Oh yeah baby you **** my ***** so good. Oh, Oh, Oh my god Collant, you are amazing!"

I couldn't stand it any longer. Watching her legs spread like that, and looking so beautiful. So, I pulled my slip, tights and panties down, and slid my **** into her wet ***** before she could say a word. Then I started plowing her in rhythm as she wrapped her legs around me. She was screaming so loudly enjoying my **** penetrations.

After I rammed her for quite a while, then I told Susan to join us. Susan got on the king-sized bed and I pulled out of Vickie's *****, and entered Susan's hairless wet ***** from behind as she was on her knees. Vickie faced Susan as Vickie got on her back. Then Susan started to eat Vickie out as I ****** Susan.

We were all having sex together like in a ***** movie. It was a fantastic feeling and so much fun. The girls were screaming and moaning from my ***** penetration of Susan, and Susan's tongue penetration of Vickie.

After a while, I couldn't hold my ****** back and pulled out of Susan's *****, and shot a long white thick string of hot *** onto Susan's ***. Vickie licked my *** off of Susan's *** checks. Then Susan French kissed Vickie to lick up some of my remaining ***.

Afterwards, I got between them in the bed and we lay together and all of us smoked a joint. Susan got up afterwards to wash her face and brought back some wine for us to drink, and we drank it up.

"Collant, you told us that you were a virgin. Yet, you were an expert kisser, ***** licker, and **** ******. Were we great teachers, or were you a sexual prodigy?" Asked beautiful blond, blue eyed, skinny waisted, perky breasted, Vickie.

"The sight of both of you making love to each other turned me on," I admitted.

"If you want your silky black shiny pantyhose and sexy lingerie that we bought for you, you may have them to wear, but only with us, and only as a group for sex playtime," said Susan. "You are our little sissy boy. However, I may have to peg your little sissy ***, *****."

Whenever possible the girls and I had our **********. Fortunately, their parents were gone a lot.

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That story is fantastic, Soon envious xx

OH Collant you were lucky Hot Blonde schoolgirls to take care of you and your pantyhose fetish!

Did this store happen to be the lion store at Franklin park?

yup;) how did ya guess:))

it was the only high end store we had for awhile an my grandma used to work there

nice deduction:)

thank you :)

i guess if a hose lover living in T town who wanted to buy tights or ph on a regular basis, that person would have to drive to the Mota City, u know? Otha wise da would be discovered by a friend, neighbor or sales clerk;)

Or in my case a grandma who happens to work there lol my grandma worked in the cosmetic department lol

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Amazing! Love ya, wish I could be so lucky!

indeed. pleasure yourself wearing your fetish wear, looking at pictures of beautiful strong feminine masterpieces. enjoy your appreciation of everything feminine.

I wish I could see you!

I dressed in my wolford gloss tights white long sleeved polonecked leotard and ultra tight girdle with stockings and imagined your fabulously narrated included me..
You are very talented

Amazing! :D


Thanks my friend;)

think they should have a lottery ticket for $20 and if you win you get 100 pairs of pantyhose a month of your choice for a year

Hi how wonderful to enjoy all that nylon tease.. to touch caress taste watch. I gently rubbed myself in my white all in one catsuit as I imagined being there. Amazing narration I was really there love it... Please write more xx

thanks for enjoying my story. feel free to find the many others i have scribed.

i have taken a moment to read the 6 comments you wrote to various ep members about their experiences demonstrating your poor excuse for humor. do you perform behind chicken wire at one of those sleazy roadhouses? the chicken wire is there for your sense of humor.

Start robbing banks and you'll get to wear all the pantyhose you can stand. That is before the police put a bullet in your head