what can i say i think they speak for themselfs they are such a turn on hope you like the photo's steph
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I"m over the shock, now I can say how incredibly beautiful she is in her splendor with some of the prettiest puffs I've ever seen. When I first was fortunate to **** a lovely girl in new Laredo across the border she had I then called them torpedo ****. They just lay in your mouth.

Speechless, totally.

wow all this maked me feel better about my nipples


OMFG i just love puffy nipples

Love those Puffy's!

Geeezzz , I'm ruined now. I'll never be satisfied until my lil puffies are as gorgeous as those lil babies. those are the pretiest & plumpest lil puffies I have ever seen. Goodness. I just wish you need a nice hard TG girl. Kisses.

fantastic photos......I love those puffy nipples....

puffies ARE wonderful! Thanks for sharing the nice pics

There is a GOD

WOW thank you thank you

More!! Great pics

I think some of those pics and had suckers on them, however they still look good

Holy freakin moley

wow i do love them!!!

I love the pictures


I had puffy nipples when I did my first professional photo shoot, I will hunt them out and post for you,L.

Budding lovelies.....great pics

Wow! What wonderful pics! I keep scrolling up and down.

nice collection




She has fantastic nipples, so yummy!!

Those never fail to do things to me...

Hey GREAT pics and thank you,

those are excellent puffies, its a rare and special girl who has them. Many girls are ashamed of nipples like these. I love them and wish more girls would show them.

Thats a good selection. Funny how suckable they seem, isn't it?

Great pics Love the close up of those puffies, love the third pic from the bottom