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what can i say i think they speak for themselfs they are such a turn on hope you like the photo's steph
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I"m over the shock, now I can say how incredibly beautiful she is in her splendor with some of the prettiest puffs I've ever seen. When I first was fortunate to **** a lovely girl in new Laredo across the border she had I then called them torpedo ****. They just lay in your mouth.

Speechless, totally.

wow all this maked me feel better about my nipples

Love those Puffy's!

Geeezzz , I'm ruined now. I'll never be satisfied until my lil puffies are as gorgeous as those lil babies. those are the pretiest & plumpest lil puffies I have ever seen. Goodness. I just wish you need a nice hard TG girl. Kisses.

fantastic photos......I love those puffy nipples....

puffies ARE wonderful! Thanks for sharing the nice pics

There is a GOD

More!! Great pics

Holy freakin moley

wow i do love them!!!


I had puffy nipples when I did my first professional photo shoot, I will hunt them out and post for you,L.

Budding lovelies.....great pics

Wow! What wonderful pics! I keep scrolling up and down.

nice collection




Those never fail to do things to me...

Hey GREAT pics and thank you,

those are excellent puffies, its a rare and special girl who has them. Many girls are ashamed of nipples like these. I love them and wish more girls would show them.

Thats a good selection. Funny how suckable they seem, isn't it?

Great pics Love the close up of those puffies, love the third pic from the bottom

love the pics