Sex Talk

Im looking for a guy to have sex talk with no video just sex talk ! Need a guy to do it with ill moan for u all night long ill do anything just add me or message me or write in my wall! C'mon you know u want this!
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8 Responses May 15, 2012

I will consider your offer,,, as long as you understand that I must talk of my love for nipples and my need to suck your labia and move my tongue all around your ***** lips and clitoris.... It's ok if you want to close your eyes and get some sleep... just let me continue to gently suck your woman lips for a long time... come if you want to... but only stop me if you can't take any more... ok dear?

come on with it im down

i want you to lay on your back with your *** in the air and legs over your head, *** spread open so i can pour in your favorite drink and then have you sit over a cup with two straws and fill it so we can drink it? would you let me?

Would love to, what's your addy?

with words only your mind can increase the erotic pleasures you can have with chatting. I alos am an eager volunteer

Yes I would love to tell you how I would pleasure you as you moan

Before the internet took off, I loved to do phone sex. Would love to do that with you. Yahoo at JimZ10000.

Would love to! Message me when u can ;)