Oh Yes!!!!

I especially love sandals and boots that have a platform sole. They make me feel like dancing.

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Hmm... *light bulb idea* ...not stilettos though...I can only do so much with stilettos...and running on them would probably last only a few strides...

LMAO. you are so talented. You must join that group now "I can run in heels."

*Sylph puts down her bow and violin...lifts her dress a bit and runs to FG*<br />
<br />
I can even run with them... haha!

LOL lift it up... lift it up. I want to see.

True...I'm wearing platform shoes though under that dress.......... ;)

hehe! let's river dance next. Your avatar can provide the music lol.

*Sylph bops with FG...hips bumping...oh yeah! oh yeah!*

They make me feel super sexy.

Cool, I can't help but want to dance in them, either.

I am just under 5'9" already so they make me taller than some men but I still love them.