Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains in Australia are my favourite mountain place. We don't get much snow down under so the alpine vegetation and wildlife are interestingly different and beautifully evolved to survive the environment which is a little harsh to say the least. The trees are so gnarled and bent with the prevailing winds and the snow gums bark is just so colourful and rich in texture. The granite outcrops and torrs are such an inviting place to explore and look for little creatures - by the way - we have a beer here called "little creatures" and that reminds me of keeping the odd one nestled in the snow to enjoy at later times in the day when required. You just have to remember where you buried it in the snow.

I also enjoy the different sound of the snowies to other forests and high places. it is a different kind of peace and serenity. Aaaaah the serenity!
Howishe Howishe
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The movie The Man From Snowy River was fantastic, it that where the river is.

Yes it is. The man from snowy river movie was based on a poem by AB "Banjo" Patterson written in 1890 which is based on the area in these mountains and the snowy river which runs out of there.

I really loved the scene of them chasing The Mob I think he called them, the photography was absolutely unbelieveable. I also love the mountains but I think the Rockies are a bit taller but your Snowy Mountains are also beautiful.

Our Snowies are beautiful but short in comparison with most other mountain ranges. Our highest Mt. Kosciusko is just 2229m or a little over 7000ft.

Tomorrow morning I am heading out to shoot the Grand Canyon and maybe Monument Valley.

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