geez...i was playing around, and changed the picture...hope it's ok! obviously I love Yosemite.  I go every year, even though I don't live in CA anymore.  It is addictive.  I can't not go.  It always changes, every year, and I love to see how it happens.  I love to hike up to the falls.  Done every one.  Multiple times.  This year I got up early and hiked to Yosemite falls.  I was the only one on the trail, all the way up.  It was great.  Me and God.  Sat on the ledge overlooking the falls and the valley and had my breakfast with a blue jay.  too bad on the way down I met all the people coming up...oh well.  Life happens...  :)


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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

I am so blessed to be a Colorado native. Pikes Peak can still take my breath away. To me, the mountains symbolize 'rising above' and 'freedom.' I've never been to Yosimite, but can appreciate the beauty of the mountains! I'll take a mountain over the ocean any day!

I jumped off a 40ft rock into the Merced River! Yosemite is beautiful!!!