I Have Been In And Out Of The Closet So Many Times I Don't Know If I Am In Or Out. Lol

Just kidding.
I am not completely out of the proverbial closet just yet this time around...
I do have a public blog that I try to write in once a day or so...
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But back to my post here.
I have come out of the closet really only once before, and that was when I was with my ex wife. I considered myself transgendered at the time and I guess I could say I still am but I kind of like to think of myself as a guy that really enjoys expressing his feminine side.
Which is tough for a guy to do. One pretty much has to turn over his 'man card' if one openly admits that he loves any kind of hosiery.
Once my wife left me, and I had to rebuild my personal life, I pretty much plunged myself back into the closet, so that I would have a better chance of making a few new friends.
Lord was really looking out for me. I have never had more True friends in my life. (You are all very special to me) At this point the gossip from my old life has caught up to me and though it still isn't really openly discussed - at least when I am around (it is okay, I still love ya'll)
I am becoming a bit more open about it. Hey I have a blog on facebook!!!!
My point is I have no desire to go back into that closet; I want to be able to be me no matter where I am. -dressed appropriately of course.
Expressing ones feminine side doesn't always have to be slutty or whorish, but it is fun in the right atmosphere. I enjoy getting away with only owning women' jeans, with the excepting of one pair that I only where when doing some form of manual labor or find myself with nothing else clean. I enjoy having a feminine hair cut; it isn't super fancy or ultra fem or anything but it is a lot more feminine than the buzz cut I use to sport. I really like wearing my faux jean leggings when I get the opportunity... can't really see myself wearing those to the bar. -though Halloween could be interesting this year! - Any suggestions? I have a few ideas but would love to hear yours!!!!
I am learning to love myself for who I am, and let people into that part of my life and so far it has been really positive this go around.
So a big hug to all my friends and loved ones! You all are the bee's knees!

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