Why I Love Wearing Lipstick

I notice in the mirror how my lips have already parted with sensual arousal, and guide my lipstick towards my sensually parted lips. When the moist lipstick touches my mouth, I feel myself getting very excited. As I spread the vibrant color across my lips I can feel myself getting very aroused.
I let my lipstick work its final touch of wonder and slowly and gently let it slide across all areas of my body in which I feel excited and aroused. I feel how it sends an electric charge through these areas, and turns me on so much now, I can no longer wait. I need to touch myself.
I Slide my hand down my panties and very gently touch myself. I feel incredibly turned on by my lipstick, by my beautiful image in the mirror, and now by my gentle, titillating, teasing touch as you play with myself like a girl.
Finally, I can no longer wait. I allow my fingers to add more intensity, to become stronger. Now that they know exactly what to do, how to turn me on, how to tease me, and how to please me, I can push my own buttons, I can let my fingers push down as they stroke the most exciting spots, and rub myself harder and harder.
I feel how my body wants to push against my fingers and turn inside-out to get every last bit of pleasure it can possible achieve. I rub, slide and swirl, rub harder and more swiftly. My roller coaster ride of excitement is now in full swing.
I can take this feeling anywhere I like as long as I bring my lipstick. I can revive it any time. Remember. All you need is lipstick.
jamiesissycd jamiesissycd
61-65, M
3 Responses May 20, 2012

Wow Jaime! I love the way you describe putting lipstick on. I've read this numerous times and it's always so delicious!! I'm laying here in lingerie, garter belt and stockings and slowly applying my red lipstick while rubbing my ****. I'm fantasizing that I'm lying next to you! Mmmmmmmmm. I have *** a few times dreaming of you Jamie!! Your so very sexy and pretty!!! Uh oh, I think I'm going to do it again...........oh Jamie, thank you so very much!!!!! Love, Michael.

Sweetheart, I do wish you were lying next to me. We could apply lipstick to each other, then kiss it all off and apply it again. You are making me blush sweetie knowing you have climaxed thinking of me, I'm so flattered. And who knows sweetheart, we might meet someday. And then we could spend the weekend together all dressed in our lingerie and make-up having sissy sex. Kissing and cuddling each other, then sucking each other while exploring each others body with our hands. Then feeling you deep inside me filling me with your warm sweet juices, then me deep inside you filling you with my warm ***. Then I would ask you swwetie, what would you like to try next? I think it would be wonderful to rub pantied ***** together, stockings on stockings, lots of delicious shared lipstick kisses can be, so sexually stirring and erotic.

Thank you sweeties, I justtry to express my feelings in words. And I use bright red lipstick and bright red nail polish on my toes. I jush I could use the red polish on my fingernails.

thats a really sexy way of expressing your need to wear lipstick, i think i have the same fetish, esp if the lipstick is red and matches the polish on my nails. i like the way you discreetly avoid using crude language