Hiding My Love

I love to dress in feminine clothes but live with others that just dont understand.. I want to buy sexy clothes and go out in public but dont know what to do. Any advice??
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yes! I can just share a place with you : http://sexydress.dinodirect.com, a good online shop to buy feminine dress. You will like them!

Hide it until you can pride it.

The best advise you could ever recieve is to just live by yourself. I tried for years to find "good roomates", but everyone thought they needed to steel from me. So even if some are understanding they still could have other reasons for wanting a roommate. Anyway, if you live by yourself, then you don't have to worry about anything. You can hang your clothes up in the closet and not worry about who will see them or say anything either. You can keep your panties (unhidden) in your drawer without anybody noticing. You can keep your heels on a tree on the door without anybody saying anything.<br />
It is so peaceful living alone. You could not even begin to understand until you do it. I hope whatever you do works out for you, though.<br />

I agree. Work on changing your living arrangement for sure. Also if you drive, then get a bag and put your fem clothes in it and when you are a little ways from home stop and change. Find out where is the closest gay bar and go there and check it out. Not all people who go to a gay bar are gay and usually there is other crossdressers there. The first time you go to a new place like that I would suggest going in male clothes so you can learn a bit about the place. You could also place an add on line asking to meet other cd's for friendship and going out. Maybe you will meet someone who you can be friends with and get dressed together at their place. <br />
<br />
I would also suggest that you can do some crossdressing where you live now because you can buy lots of things that are unisex design. And you can buy lots of things that are womens clothing that nobody will notice such as girls jeans. Girls jeans can be plain or not so plain and everywhere in between. Same for shorts and same for running shoes. (sketchers shoes are very unisex). By choosing unisex items and girls jeans and tops that are not overtly feminine you will show those around you that you are just dressing different and it will be no big deal. You can even get guy clothes in female colors such as a pink tshirt or purple etc which will help others around you accept that you just like to dress differently.

Thanks for the help!