Ps: I Love You The End

I love you to the end !! I m watching the movie of ps: i love you 
And i realaz that when u really love someone u can do anything and everything  to him even that things makes u like stupid & full but u don t care cuz u ll do it for the most person u care about him in the world maybe this one is with u or he is not but he is always in your heart cuz he stoll it from you along time ago,he is the king of my heart he changed my life in his unperfectly way but for me is perfect cuz i never being happy like when im with him when i met him i was 14 i didn't believe in love he was just a joke or something who make couple sad it's true he made us sad ungry unset sometimes but we must try it cuz u never feel happiness untill u find your true love <3 !! The dirst year when we was togther we had some problem we had space but we come back my mom wasn t agree that i chosed the best person so she tried to stop our relationship for 3 times she didn t get what she wants but the last time he dumped me & when we get back togthet he said bcs he didn t want me to hv problem with mom that s way but we stay togther we face all the bad things togther even he broke my heart many times & i did it twise but we wasn t togther & i did it for revenge cuz he broke my heart than in 3 rd year we realaze that we r made just for each other & we can't stay away from each other he loves me to death i love him to the eternaty no matter what!!  i always  loved you & i m loving you more & i will always love to the end
Ps: i love you 
Anisas Anisas
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013