I'm Not Kidding

I really mean it this time, I am not going to make fun of Oprah anymore.  I mean, what's wrong with starting a magazine, slapping your name on it, and putting a different picture of yourself on the cover every month?  Come on!  People act like that's narcissistic or something. 
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Keeping debate civil is very important.

The only 45 I ever bought was "The Immigrant Song " by Led Zeppelin so I could get the "B side" <br />
On the other point......"Oprah and Phil" can be hot topics at our house......my wife sees them for their entertainment value and I trash them from top to bottom. We keep it civil though.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!

Mine was Nancy Sinatra's, These boots are made for walking. I guess that puts me somewhere in between ElLagarto and Celainn.

All these EP curves are very distracting, I'm supposed to be working today! (Man's fate! The endlessly distracting nature of curves.) By the time Hey Jude came out the Beatles were breaking up - so you're still a kid, Celainn. I am so gone I just found out John Lennon wrote Hey Jude in honor of his son Julian - the world is vast and my knowledge is tiny.

Curvy and clever - wow! The first 45 rpm I bought was Rockin' Robin - released in 1958!

Crap, the first music I bought was on 45s, I didn't know I was a fossil. Oh well, at least I'm a curvy fossil. ;-)

As you know - I have no shame - so i will freely admit to "cutting my musical teeth" on 45 rpm records. All the first Beatles hits, Kinks, etc. Yes - I'm a fossil! My father grew up in Glasgow and collected American jazz 78s. They were so poor that when the needle was worn out they would use a thistle! These kids today, with their downloads and their iTunes! They don't understand how we suffered for our art! Oh Dear God, I think I'm ready for the Smithsonian!

LP ... haha ... i'll go one up on that ... count me all in here ... *pushes all tokens to the middle of the page*<br />
<br />
you ready?<br />
<br />
45<br />
<br />

talk about bloated load ... martha stewart ... she makes me ill! perhaps it's her over zealous and control freak, authoritarian attitude toward what's proper and is not for your home decor, dining, etc. what the h3ll ever happ'd to betty crocker? i liked her - she was silent! it's unfortunate martha's time in the big house did nothing for her personality!<br />
<br />
on a side note ... i personally know someone whom of which worked directly for the woman and he said she's an egomaniachal megalomaniac! i believe it... she doesn't give a refuting vibe in my eyes.

Can't help you with Rob & Amber - but Martha Stewart! I could go on and on about her. Who died and left her custodian of good taste?

I should be on TV; anyone got a network with some spare airtime?<br />
I’d go on and on about how great Oprah is, and how I would love to have diner with her and Martha Stewart and Dr Phil and even Tyra Banks and Ricki-Lake. Ah, these are the glory days of television; don’t you love your box? <br />
If you don’t know who Rob and Amber are, I’m not interested in talking.

Thanks. I agree - EP is a site for sore eyes. Or maybe I should say, "We recite for sore eyes."

LOL! thanks guys (and gals), you gave me a good laugh tonight--how fun you are! 8)<br />
take care, and keep up the banter, its just what the doctor ordered!

Wait a minute - you are reading it! and for free! I'm sure Smebro looks like a young Robert Redford. As for me, well Celainn, I was handsome in my salad days, but, I'm sorry to report you can see every single mile of bad road I've travelled on my countenance. - I wonder how many EP regulars recognize your icon - that's an "LP" kids - a primitive tool for listening to music.


Celebrity bashing is lot's of fun, lot's. Surely there are worse people... Oprah is a bloated load...but what a load!<br />
What would you have on TV Ellegarto? If you ran the networks?

a constant ray of sunshine slicing through the fog

oprah also enjoys making large contributions and then telling the whole world about her generosity ... totally NOT narcissistic at all ... not in the least. i mean ... i was always taught that you keep those kinds of things to yourself ... but to each their own i spose. as for doc phil ... if you haven't watched his show lately, he's nothing more than jerry springer with MD at the end of his name. despite their 'success' they are both idiots if you ask me but then again, to each their own.

Agreed. Isn't he just an Oprah "spin-off?"

She's not as bad as Dr. Phil. :-p

Not chastising - just like to call things what they are. I mean, let's be honest, Oprah is a bloated load.

ROFL, you two! And El, what's up with the "debating" mood today??!! WOW! Are you on a roll! First I have to feel guilty for taking some pens and paper from my work office! And now I must be chastised for being part of the lamb herd following the famous Oprah??!! Jeeze, El! Don't be such a hard a-a-a-a-a-sssss! lol.=P

Why the apostrophe in "lots"?

Lot's of money, big house, big following, stable future income. I'd say a lot of novels and other magazines might be "destroying forests in order to perpetuate bloated, narcissistic mythology, bordering on mindless cult fanatacisim" and I like magazines and books in their traditional forms. They need some better recycling techniques, or an alternative to paper.

Oh no, that wasn't her marketing dept. - that was her decision for sure. As to arguing with success - define success for me. If destroying forests in order to perpetuate bloated, narcissistic mythology, bordering on mindless cult fanatacisim, is your defintion of success - then okay.

Hey, someone in her marketing department figured out that to be different, they had to go with the same-old. She sells; so sell magazines with her picture, and they sell. Can’t argue with success.