I Really Do :(

I really do Miss Fungirlmmm. She was a BIG part of MY Ep. I really looked forward to our chats, and reading her stories. I wish I was in some contact with her, because it feels like I have truly lost a friend, and that breaks my heart so much. I knew if she ever left, that it would effect me deeply, but I didn't think it would to this damn extent :( It just hurts and bothers me so dman much that I may never hear from her again. I wish people whould have just left her the hell alone. I mean people, WHY was she your target, she was one of the kindest people that I have ever met, and I just miss her so much. I wish she was here again, and that we could talk again.... I just wish I could talk to her again, I knew with her by my side I could get through anything, but right now, I need her more than ever before, but thanks to some people here, she won't even come around anymore. :(( I miss her dearly....

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4 Responses Jul 29, 2010

That's sad.

She left? When? Why? I know I deleted her from my circle over a year ago, not because I didn't like her I just never talked to her and I deleted almost everyone before I left. I had I think less than 10 friends left when I stopped logging in. Hope she's OK. She was such a staple of this place, her not being on here will leave a big hole for many.

I truly enjoyed talking to FG and and reading her stories too. She put up with so much here. I will miss her even though I only talked to her occasionally. I hope she returns one day, but even more, I hope that she has found happiness in her life again.

You know, it's sad that in a place where you should be able to feel safe, there are bullies. Some times it seems as if some have fallen into a time machine. It's as if we never left middle school or junior high. <br />
We all have our flaws, and most of us are here to get help with our problems, to find someone who cares, to find peace with the parts of our damaged, broken selves.<br />
I know I'm guilty, at times, in my commenting which isn't gentle, tactful or constructive, much less wanted, on here. I'm working on making that part of me better, on EP, and in the real world. <br />
I sincerely hope she comes back soon. I know what it feels like to suddenly miss talking to a friend whom you have a connection. You find that one person you can trust and then they're gone abruptly. <br />
You'll never find me bullying or teasing and taunting anyone. I still remember what that crap felt like.