You....sure Do Take My Breath Away!

I feel your breath upon my neck
It's warm, and sweet, I turn to check
I see your face, it's kind and inviting
It beckons me to pause from my writing

I place my hands upon your face
Preparing for a long embrace
I kiss your lips and close my eyes
I feel your tongue to my surprise

It draws a line accross my mouth
A gentle sweep and barely out
But just enough to make me weak
You grab my hair and kiss my cheek

I nuzzle my way up to your ear
And whisper those words you love to hear
You hold me firm and kiss me fully
I like it when you're a bit of a bully

I nip at your lip, you kiss me some more
Next thing I know we're on the floor
I see the clock, we've been at it all day
You sure do take my breath away!

A kiss like this, a love so true
I'm lost in me, and full of you
Too sad this dream's a fantasy
There is no you, there's only me.
imathinkin imathinkin
51-55, F
6 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!! i miss kissing too.
I've been longing for this type of kiss. Thanks so much for this! Loved it, Its awesome :)

I miss kissing :(

Wonderful poem. You are a very talented person; both with a pen and our imagination.

Oh, my thoughts exactly the past couple weeks! Thank you for this! Very nice!

Thank you. I enjoyed writing it today.

I love ur poem