No Hershey Kisses For Me <3

It has been such an awfully long time since my lips have been kissed :(. The last kiss I had was meaningless and crappy. Some drunk guy just kissed me out of the blue at my friends birthday. I had no idea who he was or what his name was. Meant nothing to me....

I miss those kisses that give you butterflies in your tummy and make your heart beat really super duper fast. The kisses that make you nervous and make you feel like you are in the clouds. The kisses that make you feel loved and wanted. I want to be held again and be told those 3 wonderful words we all want to hear. I want both gentle and rough kisses. Last time I had those kisses I got hurt, maybe the pain was well worth it because now I find myself yearning for those same desires...I love kissing

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What you describe are first kisses and are the best kisses in the world. I miss those kisses too. Sometimes when you are with someone for a long time, the kisses change over time too. Not that they are bad, but after a while they are never first kisses again.<br />
<br />
So enjoy them when you get them. And keep dreaming of those lovely, heartbeating, sweaty palm kisses that keep you up at night, waiting for the next one.

My last girl friend was 25, I'm 43 she was beautifull, and we had so much fun, we realy enjoyed everthing we ever did. She made dishes fun! she was a freak in bed, and would have ******* that where impossible to fake if you know what I mean? But she didnt like to kiss? I asked, pleaded, and tried over and over to explain how kissing was such a big thing to me. She would only sit up and kiss me deep, and hot, and sloppy if I was in a possition for her to reach my face when she was ******* like a second or third time, the passsion would make her want my toung in her mouth. But not even a decent peck on the lips outside of that moment. I advised her Id not be with her after a year if it was not worked out to some level I could be comfortable with, she was shocked when I brought her roses and a picture of us when we where haveing a great time together at a local outside market. I gave them to her, grabbed her face on iether side, and kissed her closed mouth on the lipps, and said, "your keys are in the onvelope with a note, but I told you I would not be here with out your willingnes to compromise on kissing, was that so bad? Goodby". I'v not seen her since and when she calls, I dont answere. I miss her but I will not go back to that. Do you think I'm a jerk? I dont care if you do, I wont date her again, but I would like to hear opinions

Thanks :)

you described them perfectly, i couldnt have put it better myself

Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! (aside from the getting hurt part)