I'm So Over This One

My gf is such a flake,,,she never keeps her word,,,when she says she is going to do something I can never depend on it happening,,,,

We make plans to go somewhere or do something,,and at the last moment she cancels,,,it's a reoccurring scenario with her,,,,for one she smokes pot every day of her life,,,,she's going through menopause and has hot flashes all the time,,,along with this she's lost her desire for sex,,,,

It's all about her,,,and I'm getting tired of tending to her needs and depression,,,,Hell I have needs too,,,So if I could just break away from her
I will drop it likes it's hot,,,lol...

I'm not sure why I've stayed with her for this long,,,but anyway,,enough mindless banter,,,I'm through venting,,,thanx for waisting another 4 mins of your life to read about my silly problems,,,,
AllegorieBootlair AllegorieBootlair
51-55, M
Dec 18, 2011