A Hopeless Romantic..totally Needing A Mate

hi, over a yr ago i left my wife after many years of trying to stay, trying o wk everything out one sided for the kids (at the time i had thought that was best.)
it all came to a head after over 3 yrs of no touch, no intimacy, 6 words or less per day over the kids...
the last time we had shared a bed (not even sexually) i attempted to cuddle/spoon, when she looked at me and said i hate it when you touch me...dont touch me...
after that the lazyboy was my bed, my companion and i tried to bury my feelings and hurt in my work, and in the kids.
it all came to a head when one of my sons came to me and said i hate living here...its like a war zone here..
i realized the best thing for all was to call it a day... and did that. while i really miss parts of my past, leaving was the best thing i could ever have done for me, for the kids and for her..all of us needed to heal and get on with life.
i wish now to find, to meet and to develop a wonderful relationship with a lady, to find another soul that loves, craves and needs intimacy, mind body and soul...to be phys constantly and completely caring and loving on the other...is that nuts? i believe... anyone out there interested and in like mind? thanks, jim
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I can relate. I physically left a marriage with someone that checked out of the partnership long before I left. Certain vows didnt mean much to him. I was sick with a painful nerve condition at the time and ended up moving me and my son back in with my parents. I was homebound until I had surgery 2 years later. Since then I have developed many strange genetic related illnesses and problems. Since 2004, I have been without relationship, intimacy, and really, most forms of human contact. I'm lonely as hell. But I know I'm a fighter, this experience isn't completely damning, and it has given me a chance to cultivate genuine patience and inner strength.

No, it's not nuts. I think we all want that, just don't know how to go about finding it.