Pillows Of Minty Softness

We had a date, and he yawned, he folded his arms, and when I asked him to tell me about himself...it was a single, short sentence. But, when I went to get into my car, he asked for a hug, which accompanied a soft, minty kiss. It was really nice. One kiss became two and then more. He defended by saying "You're a really good kisser." I was confused, because I got the impression he wasn't that into me...then a kissfest out of nowhere...what's up with that?
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Maybe he's more into plain and simple making out than finding things out about the person he's making out with...(?).

Sounds like he may have been going slow; then he realized it might be now or never. It sure sounds like he made the right decision. :)

He is a good kisser, but I left before he was done I suspect. It came out of nowhere and was a bit disappointing, because I learned almost nothing about him during the meal...to build anticipation for a kiss. He wants another date, but I can't figure out why I should do that.

You seem very intelligent and very personable. No idea why he would not open up. Being a typical male, I would want to tell you all about all the wonderful things I had done, and what interesting things I had going on in my life. Unless I could keep you telling me everything about you nonstop. You instincts are probably correct. Would say I feel bad for him, but he was fortunate enough to have had a chance. :)

Awww thats sweet