I Was Just Reminded

How very much I miss kissing... sensual wet open ... I want a Kissing Buddy.

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Lol.....probably added to the thrill of it all!<br />
Well hubby ruined kissing for me for failing to deal with a breath problem, until it was way too late (like years!)and I'd gone off it.....but I experienced some wonderful moments with a lover, when all we did was kiss for what seemed like hours....more sigh.....

I think i have any had one true moment of what id call....true passionate bliss when kissing....in the rain. Costa rica....just sort of happend. Was shooting there and the sky opened up....and before i knew it my lips and tongue were locked together with a woman i didnt really know. Now...i cant even get a hello from someone ive known for years...

Oh I assure you I haven't forgotten Princess! *sigh*.....why as matter of fact, I thought I'd found my kissing buddy not so long ago, but those times has gone....*more sigh*


For me....sure, sex is fantastic when it all works....but kissing is the ultimate is sensuality. There is nothing like being so close to a woman that you can feel the beating of her heart....smell the scent of her perfume waft all around you and then in that majestic of moments feel her lips upon yours and feel your very existance obliterated by the sheer erotic pleasure that is before you. <br />
<br />
ok...im in. Kissing buddy...where for art thou?

But of course... I need to do a world tour...

I'll think about it. Meanwhile, everyone pucker up!

I'd really like in on this ....please.

I really miss the kissing. Passionate kissing stopped before the sex did. <br />
If he kissed me, really kissed me, not just a quick peck, he would get turned on and it often led to sex. <br />
I think the kissing stopped because it helped him to take control of when and if we had sex.<br />
And then the sex got to be a sort of step by step thing, kind of mechanical. And then eventually only in his favorite position, and eventually not at all.<br />
Yes, I miss the kissing...