Kiss Me

It hasn't been that long since someone kissed me.  It wasn't a bad kiss.  Actually it was a nice kiss.  But it wasn't a special kiss either. 

There was no emotion or true affection in that kiss.  Those are the kisses I miss.  The ones that block out the world.  The ones that leave you wanting more.  The kiss that you can't stop thinking about the next day.  I miss kisses filled with passion, desire, and love. 

I know that out there somewhere is someone who will block out the world, and kiss me with passion, desire and love.  I will wait, because settling for less is unacceptable.

cedricsmom cedricsmom
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 7, 2009

yes,there are kisses,..& there are KISSES!<br />
a good kiss is as sensual as anything can be.

i can still feel warmness of being kissed through your words...its still soo good to be kissed by somone who you admired