I Just Want My Friend Back

I am really missing my ex. I saw my ex at a basketball game & we couldn't stop looking at one another. We used to talk on the phone all the time, make each other laugh, & support one another. I hate that we are not together. I am with someone else and so is he. We used to call each other from time to time just to hear each others' voice, to have someone to talk to, to check up on one another, but his CURRENT made him change his number as a ploy for him not to communicate with me any further. I'm hurting and I heard around town that he is too. When I see him around I still get butterflies. I wish that I could reachout to him. I believe in happy endings. I know that they happen in the movies, but I know that God has one with my name written all over it, just gotta give it TIME. I know an ex is an ex for a reason but I forgave the person because so far he is the only man who seemed to know how to treat me.
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2 Responses Dec 19, 2011

@helens577... don't have number!

Then reach out idiot.