once again, i know that is TOO much to ask for. I know that its TOO much to ask for. I know that I am alone and dealing with the demons inside, because how the **** can I expect anyone to be there for me, when I am in need, as opposed to actually be there for them, like I am for them all alone.

*note that this is mainily for the people in RL, but it does contain to some of my EP friends*
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I have demons too. All of us do. Talk to me and I'll listen. Maybe we can help each other.

The offer of friendship has been exstended to you angel, all you need to do is accept

that whole ''its too much to ask for'' rings a few bells, i was feeling it very recently to be honest, its just a killer knowing that there are others who take their loyal friends completly for granted and for someone like us who just wants a friend to lean on, its like the whole universe holds it back and says ''hell no you aint gettin this!''<br />
<br />
even weirder I had mad world stuck in my head friday, and the lyrics are on your pic aha

Hey there, I maybe a little farther away but you know how to find me..... Screen is always open for you, just need to stop on in and have a cup of jo and you feel right as rain...