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I'm Awkward

I pretty shy and awkward when I meet new people.
Right now I am having a really hard time with hanging out with my boyfriends friends.
I always end up standing in the corner alone waiting to leave which makes things awkward between me and my boyfriend since he's trying to have fun with his friends while cheer me up at the same time. I would rather have him ignore me and just have fun but deep down I want to cling to him since he is the only comfort that I have in moments like those and so I am torn.
I think that I will just avoid situations like those in the future but I know that I really need to try to make friends of my own.
Perhaps it would make me feel better with meeting new people or at least I'll have some one to hang out with when my boyfriend is off hanging out with his buddies.

I'm too shy to just walk up and talk to people and I don't think that I am very interesting so who knows if I can make that happen. *sigh*.
userJas userJas 18-21, F 5 Responses Aug 18, 2011

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Our lifes are made of moments. You lose one you never get ot back. The feeling of self rekection is our self who create ot. That might since uprising and you gave fed it until it reaches to this level. We all avoid people and feel sometimes ignored especially at work or with friends. Due to low self esteam this ideas cling into our minds directing us to avoid others. I advise you to step up and set a target and get this question answered what i will lose if not being accepted? Nothing or perhaps no one will actually notice that. Break the routine and mabage to invite them for a cup of coffee or kow that they like and read about it , get your seld updated about topics importants to them socialize yourself. Google can help ypu a lot<br />

Thanks for the advise.
I will take it to heart :)

I send you priv massage. hugs!!

My situations kind of the same except it's not in the boyfriend scenario, or girlfriend scenario. Its every scenario with me. If i dont know them i find it hard to talk to them. But in the last few months i have learnt alot. What i would advise is that until you feel comfortable with your boyfriends friends you stick with him. So when he is having a chat with his friend try and get involved. put your opinion across. The more you do this the more his friends will start to see you as a friend. Listen to what they are interested in, and they will do the same with you. As time goes on they will know you aswell as they know your boyfriend.<br />
I hope everything works out.

Same. I have trouble overall with people.
I'll will try out your advise and see how well it works.
Thanks for commenting!

I feel this way too. I am in a situation where I dont really like my boyfriends friends and end up sitting on my own feeling like an idiot or jus upset to be in the situation!

I hope the both of us will be able to find a way to overcome this. It really does suck to be in situations like those. You feel trapped in a way.

You could just avoid hanging out with your boyfriend when he is with his mates - but thats kinda just running away from the problem.<br />
Maybe let them decide if you are interesting - you might not think you are but you can't read everybody elses mind - Im sure your boyfriend thinks you are pretty neat so thats at least one person! And thats a starting point!<br />
Might sound lame - but why don't you set yourself some goals, to make small talk to one of his friends for 5 mins, or ask three questions about one of them - whatever you feel comfortable with, just start of small, take a deep breath and be brave. As you get to know them you will feel more comfortable - you just have to be strong enough to take that first step.<br />
Good luck!

Thanks for the comment!
I think I will give your advise a try when I am feeling brave. Hope it works for me!