Lonely Soul

I've gone through many friends. I've learned- the hard way- that friends can deceive you and hurt you. That's when I met a true friend- her name was Alida. We've been best friends since elementary. But when junior high school came, she moved. When she left, I had never felt so lonely; so empty and cold. I knew she was the only girl who'd ever understand me.
I remember the crazy things we've done together. It makes me smile as I remember how we never cared what others thought of us. We were ourselves around each other. No matter how bad our flaws were; we accepted each other for who we were. Crazy, unique, outgoing, understanding, honest, intelligent, kind, loving... Alida was different from all the others. It broke my heart the day she left me. All alone...
When she was around, I loved waking up with the sun beaming through my windows, knowing I'd be seeing my other half that day. I had never been so happy. But now that she's gone, I wake up to see an empty world. With no sun, just rain and darkness...
We still talk though- whenever we have time. I miss her though. There's a huge hole in my heart. Only Alida can fill that hole... <|3
Without her voice, the flowers can't bloom. Without her smile, the sun can't shine. Without her laugh, the stars can't twinkle. Without her, I can't exist.
I love my best friend. <3
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2 Responses Sep 4, 2011

Awh, thank you so much. Right back at ya. <3<br />
God bless(:

it really hurts when someone we love leaves us<br />
all we can do is continue on and try to move on, as hard as that is

Yeah; yur right. Thanks 4 the advice! &lt;3