Just Talk to Me?

I could really use a friend who's as lonely as I am. I've lost so many recently, I'd like someone who needs a person also. Someone to chat with, and get to know. Somone I can be there for. I'm getting another job soon, so hopefully I'll find another friend there. But once you finish highschool, it's really hard to find someone else to talk to.

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Thanks everyone, nice to see support from you all..

If you'd like someone to talk to, you can always message me. We can either spend time wallowing in loneliness together or find new ways to meet people together. I feel hokey writing that even, but I too am lonely. And you're absolutely right. It's so very hard to make friends once you've left high school or college behind and I'm finding it just gets worse with age.

Hi, saw your comment and I feel pretty down too. I just posted a story that my gf needs a green card. I do not have any idea how to feel right now.

We can be the bestest friends ever!! If you want lol

Don't worry you'll find someone... me too, I don't have a close friend.. sometimes it's better being alone.. but yeah we all need a friend who cares about us...

I feel for you.... I can literally count my friends on one hand. Its depressing that days go by and i have no one to talk to about whats going on. If you ever just wanna vent or talk feel free to send me a message.

Can i be ur friend?

I am here if you need someone to talk to anytime. :) I would love to be friends, if that's ok? I am a great listener and love meeting new people :)

i can understand you i take care of my disabled father who needs a lot of care and that takes alot of time and i really dont have a social life nor anyone to share it with if i did. i am a 29 year old man and i need some one to talk to or hang out with. dont feel like your alone trust me you are not

Odd as it may seem, there's some comfort in knowing that other people go through these things too.. Often we always feel like it's just us feeling lonely and friendless but after you reach out you find there are others who feel the same way and would probably value your friendship alot more because of that.

im not gonna pretend i know how it feels but i sure have been there..u know, when u needed to speak to someone the most and the only other voice u hear is urs..but u gotta toughen up..ur real friends will surface at the right time. x!

hi i feel exactly the same way..idk what to do anymore i just want a person to talk to an be there an to have a friend thats genuine add me if u want..my msn is: decom007@hotmail.com i fell pathetic and ive never done anything like this before but im at my wits end with things..if u know what i mean :(

i feel lonely many times,but u know something?i met so many wonderful people here on ep,i m grateful for that..and if u need a friend i ll be here to talk..i might be busy sometimes,with college stuff,but i ll answer anytime u want..many hugs*..and u are not alone

I agree with u that peolpe change just like life .I would glad to be a frined TC talk soon

wow i can totally relate,i left highschool a while ago and with it i left my friends behind :( they've all drifted and arnt half as close as they use to be! i really think we should become friends so message me or msn me if you'd like a talk! my names roisín im 19 and im from ireland! my msn is sekrtag@hotmail.com hope to hear from you soon! and good luck with the new job!

Cheer up. You are amount friends in EP. <br />
Welcome. I'm sure you find someone who is going through the same thing as you.