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Growing up I had a few best friends...but they always changed every 2-3 years. I never held on to any of them much longer than that. I don't know why. Was it me? Was it them? Was it because I was secretly crushing on them even though I didn't even know it? I matured much more slowly than everyone else. I preferred to play with my little sister and her friends rather than make my own. I was always shy...still am. I could never just meet some stranger at a bar or something and make friends. I still talk to my best friend from high school, but its on a much more different level than we were on when we first met. We can hang, but I can't confess my life stories like I used to. I've been waiting years for that reconnection to happen between us. Maybe that's my problem...i'm just waiting...where's the effort? I want someone to confess my stories to...someone to ask for advice when my worried mind is wandering. How do I meet that person? When will I finally have a real friend? I just can't seem to get it right.
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Wow, expendymus is right. No one will come and knock in your door and turn out to be the one person you've always been looking for. You cannot just sit and wait for someone to save you, you have to save yourself. What I mean by that is that you have to go out there and search for that someone. I don't mean to go to the streets like a maniac seeming desperate and asking people if they want to hang out or be their friends (though that would be hilarious), I mean just take it slow and go to places YOU like and just throw out a light conversation and bam, instant aquantances. Right before leaving ask to keep in touch and through hard times and ALOT of effort, you'll have friends. I'm not saying that everyone of them will be your best buddies but through them you learn what kind of people to trust. DON'T BE AFRAID, fight your fear of being rejected because it happens most of the time. And try not to make just a handful of aquantances, go to different places and grab different people so that later on you can narrow down who the real friends are. Give it a try, I am the BIGGEST introvert out there and I still have to do it. Good luck ^_^

thanks! i'm definitely going to try.

"You have to save yourself."
Love that.

Change is an integral of a vast number of decisions and actions. The thing about is that it takes really much time to see it. And even when it has happened, you don't see it. Atleats that is why I think that everyone else changes, not me. <br />
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I think you just gotta try out multitudes of candidates for a perfect match for a friend. After all, there is no guarantees, just possibilities. I think that there is just the reality that no one will come to your door and ask to be best friends or come take you out on a dinner. I know since I've waited for quite a while and haven't seen anyone knock my door. <br />
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How is a good question though. Thanks to internet you can connect real easy nowadays but internet is notorious for one-shot friendships. Real friendship is more likely to form in "the real world", but not nearly every person you meet can live up to the definition of friend. Anyhow, you just have to take chances. For example send a personal message to a stranger and hope that it'll spark something or take a leap of faith and start a hobby. All easier said than done though. <br />
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I sound like a huge hypocrite right now for I don't have much friends. But if I wanted to make more friends, I guess I would spend a little of my salary and go to a theatre and see whether I find someone to discuss the play with.