I need some friends on here to write to !!!!! I am sad and the truth is i am in a realationship with a man that is cheating on me !!! He thinks i am stupid if i ask him he tells  me i am crazy i love him so much but also hate him to > He makes me feel so sad and hurt and i dont show my true feelings i cant sleep i spend most my nights awake next to him thinking tommorrow is going to be a better day and i will let him know how i feel !!! I am to ashamed to tell any1  my life i live around my family and friends is a lie !!!!! I pretend to be happy and i am not i am going on 48 now and i cant start over i have 15yrs with this man we are not married !!! I am so hurt and confusses i cant remember the last time that i smiled for real and diddnt fake happiness !! The pain my heart feels  is so hurt and lying to myself and pretending to be happy hurts me more !!!!    I cry when i get the chance when i am alone  i tell everybody it is pollen that makes my eyes swollen and red      I am not much on writting i am going in circles sry !!!!!!!!!!                                                                              
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Hey, I can relate to how you feel. I'd like to help any way I can. You're Not Alone.

My friends mum went through something similar she divorsed him. I never had a relationship romantically but I know it's hard to keep smiling and living I been doing that for a long time btw I wanna be ur friend!

Hey.... I guess u really need a frnd in such a situation....i can understand quite well what you are going through. has various ways of screwing up whenever u think u need a frnd. U r not ALONE!!!!

Hello there, I would like to first state that it is NEVER "too late" to start over. I would ask that you do not give up hope. Feel free to contact me whenever, I would enjoy talking with you. <br />
Sinecerely, Peanut

Hey, im willing to listen if you want to talk. Maybe we can find your smile!