Just Want A Friend,

I just want a friend, someone to talk to, someone around my age (18)
I'm just so lonely.

Among many other things, something that makes me feel really lonely is scrolling down Facebook and seeing groups of friends together having a good laugh, its a simple thing but it makes me sad, I just wish I had some friends to enjoy my time with. I know I'm a good person and could be really fun to be around once I got to know someone, but I don't allow myself to because I'm insanely shy, struggling with social anxiety, I'm working through it and getting some help but I'd just love a friend. Someone to share things with and be silly with, cry with, you know! Just a friend!

If anyone is looking for a friend around my age group give me a bell, I'd be so happy to hear from someone :)
Katy15 Katy15
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 13, 2012

need friend to so if u like accept my add

Sure, just send me a message, as long as you're not like the other people who talk for 2 days, then ditch me. If you're not like that, feel free to drop a message.