I Really Need a Friend

I have no one to talk to outside of work.They are not really my friends there.
salena salena
36-40, F
9 Responses Apr 29, 2007

been there, 9-5 friends arent bad it just boring. being online helps but its not exactly the best answer either. i make friends, the hi - bye types, but ive been burned too many time to let people in and trust them with my feelings. i'm here if you need to chat, just add me to yer circle, cheer up it gets better.

Just like everyone here....i have the same thing to say.... always dere as a frnd, whenever required.....

I'll make u a coffee any day, l feel the same.

i need a cyber friend too who can share anything with me :)

so could i,if your needin a friend to chat with just add me on msn :) sekrtag@hotmail.com im a good listener!

I could use someone to talk to also.

I echo the same... wish i had some one to talk to...

Hmm..Well iF you Wanna Talk...iM All Ears =]..i Really Need 2 Find Someone i Can Speak to And just have a Normal Fun Conversation ^_^

well, i know i can't just hop over and invite you to grab a cup of coffee, but if you wanna chat, i'm here for you! :)