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First of all, I will start to introduce my self briefly. I am an Asian student, currently studying at Curtin University, Australia. I am a 19 years old boy live with only my friend.
My story begin when I was a child (4-6 years old). My father left me and my mother for another women he met. Since then my mother working as caddy at a nearby golf field. My grand parent took care of me every day. Years after years, she found another man and got married but ended with a divorce, until she met my current father, which already have a wife. So my mother is his second wife. We never go out for a long time, because my parents worry if my father wife notice. Me and my mother live just like hiding every day. because of my mother raised me, it cause me to become 'soft'. I cannot do any sport, her overprotective make me do not have many friends. In fact even today I only have several friends, and sometimes I lied to my friend to tell them that I have many friends or make them think I have many friends. My current father is a rich man, and thanks to him I make 'some friends' that i do not thing they are really likes me, maybe they after something else. I have two little sister now from my current father and I love them so much. They are my only 'friend' i should say. Everyday I played with them, although sometimes they annoyed me and make me really angry. I enjoyed taking my sister to school, and wait for two hours until she finished.
Now I live in Australia for about one year now. I choose mechanical engineering. But then I realise that I might have made a mistake, because I am not a smart boy, I am really bad at math. I try to ask my parents of changing course but my father won't let me. So I keep struggling in engineering although in the end I still fail the units. I cannot study well, it took me like 5 hours of studying to understand a chapter, while my friend only need 1-2 hours to understand. Even though it took 5 hours to study for me, sometimes it still not enough because I usually only understand half of it even less. I tried to join a study group when I was still at high school but, it gave me no difference. Weirdly it took me less than one time of hearing a song to remember the lyrics than to study for 5 hours. I also mastering some of quite complex (as some of my friends said) application in my computer, like Virtual DJ that I understand and quite master it in less than 2 hours by only reading the manual and try o push everything on it; Adobe photoshop, that I can understand in about 2 hours. While my friends still studying the function of the tools, I start to modify a car with it and I enjoyed it so much, since I Love Cars. I wonder what my talent is, is it in an application things or something else. The problem is my father won't let me to do those things I love. When I talk to him he always encourage me to do this major, well it is good for him and me that he encourage me and keep telling me that I am a smart boy, but as a matter of fact, I am not a smart boy. He said I am a smart boy because sometimes I fix some problem with his laptop or my sister's iPad or the internet modem. Not In MATHS.

Well that is my story. I really wish that somebody give me an advice or feedback of what should I do to my Engineering major that I cannot do and my talent (I think) in application things and computer.
Thank You.
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if u are good at computer stuff than do it or else you are gonna for your whole if u choose something that u r not good. if u r not good at maths than i think engineering would be bad option for you. do what u r good at coz at last u hav to leave ur life.

1. I have found that sometimes when we think that if we change something that is not working, we can actually make it worse. That is if you change your major you may actually make it worse? We just change one problem for another, and still are stuck.
2. Many, Many people will never use the course that that they studied at university. So, the question is the being at Uni and the getting on with your co students is the life value you are getting. We still learn, yet then again we will show more time to something/subject that we find inspiring.
3. Is their a male at your uni that you can have a conversation with, to get some guidance from?
4. It is sad that you don’t have a connection with your dad. If you can don’t dwell on it. Where we put our attention on, keeps you stuck in the past. All of life is NOW. Live in the now.
5. It is sad that your Mom has not had you guys as her best interest. There is no manual for parents, they make mistakes.
6. Get help with your Maths, it is worth the effort.


My father left me and my mother for another woman, too. I want to go in medical faculty but i'm failed. Now, i take food science and technology and it's in agriculture faculty. For one year i still try to study and join the test again in next year but i'm failed again. I'm really sad that time, my passion in explore human body not food. But, here am i, i try to love and love study, because i'm sure that one day my passion will grow up. And, right, i start to love study in food science and technology. I hope continue my master program in other country.
So, if you try love what you have know, you will find that will be easy for you to do anything. Love your study, enjoy every moment of it, your passion will grow up. Just share my experience :) and i'm asian girl too :)