Where Do I Begin...

I HATE my bestfriends boyfriend.

Am I just rooting for her relationship to fail so that she spends more time with me?

Although, he is such a selfish, low life, loser who only drags her down and makes her feel bad about herselfl.

I keep trying to tell her that he is soooo wrong for her. Why won't she just open her eyes and listen to me?

I have finally told her that we can no longer hangout the three of us because I can't stand him and i'm always a third wheel.

Now we never hangout because she is always with him. He lives with her and her family for free and it makes me sick to my stomach.

I officially feel like I have no one.

Im lonely as ever and I feel like Im slowly losing my bestfriend :(
agirl0880 agirl0880
Sep 15, 2012