I am 24. I have one son and another one on the way. I am prior army so I'm trying to adjust to civilian life (its been difficult) my husband is still in and at times he does hold it over my head that he works and I dont. I do want to work except what i want to do isnt the best choice for my family right now. And we are only stationed in FL for a few months so I dont want to start a job just to quit.

I am just on here to get adive and give some as well :-) being a stay at home is difficult so mad props to all those who are!!! And being prego on top of it yikes!!!

MortalSerenity MortalSerenity
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Hi MortalSerenity.
While I cannot relate to what you are going through trying to adjust to being a civilian again, I certainly can relate to being a parent and having to raise our children mostly by yourself. I raised 3 children mostly by myself as my husband was a workaholic. I was also a stay at home Mom. In my opinion raising children is one of the most important jobs we can do and one of the hardest!
Please don't let your husband's words take hold. You are working and what you are doing is important. Being a good mom, being able to be there for your children is a gift many parents don't get to have. But that doesn't mean you don't wish for some peace, less stress and it can get very lonely especially if you don't have other adults in your life going through what you are going through. And on top of all that you have to deal with crazy hormones!
While your husbands words may get you down, I believe he is basically saying he is jealous and feeling guilty he can't be there for you. We often don't know how to communicate what we really want to say so we become angry and say the wrong things. I am not excusing his behavior, just trying to maybe find an explanation. My husband used to make me feel bad about not working outside our home, but he also admitted he was jealous I had all the time to spend with our kids and he wanted that to.
Try and take some time for yourself if you can. It really is important. If you need to talk I am will to listen and just be a friend. (If I can figure this place out enough to know how to find responses and such that is) lol This is my first time here. Hugs for now.

Thank you so much :-) your words are very encouraging and have made me feel so much better. I do remember a convo that my hubby and i had when we first moved to Florida and he did metion he was jealous that our son will run up to me for something instead of him. I didnt know how to really respond to him other than give him a hug and kiss and tell him how amazing he is for allowing me to have this time to bond with our little boy.

I am here for you too and like you if i can figure this darn thing out! This is my first time here too. Hugs