Deep And Honest

Although I need lots of solitude, I feel most alive when I am connecting with genuine people who aren't afraid to share openly.

iNtuitiveFEeling iNtuitiveFEeling
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Me too. I hope you found one.

This reminds me of what I said to someone yesterday: "Solitude is my best friend."

Then he asked me: "So why did you join EP?"

I replied that I "needed to connect with genuine people who aren't afraid to share openly" (except I used my own words). You said it better.

It is interesting to note that my temperament is more suited to writing than speaking. Although I can be eloquent in verbal speech, I can become quite incoherent at the end of a working day. I find it annoying when my voice become flat and my words all jumbled.

Hah, I noticed very young that trouble would start soon after I would open my mouth. I learned to keep it shut. Everyone thought I was very shy. I was not shy, I just didn't know which words to use to make myself understood. Words became my fascination. How efficient and inefficient they can be at the same time. You think there is a connection between spelling (forming words with letters) and spelling (casting a spell)?