Hi I'm a mother of 4 teenagers and some have special needs. My husband works then goes straight to the gym & sits at his computer till all ours. Before this he would go to work & then school so I've basically been on my own. All I'm looking for is some one to talk to, laugh with & just look forward to knowing that I have a friend.
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Hi Daly,
Bless your heart for all you are dealing with. I am not online everyday but I would be happy to listen and chat. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

I Know how you feel. Its like the person is there but not really there .I would love to have a friend .I can share anything with .

Thanks for your reply. I love my husband & my kids but I just need a friend, understanding , not judging, not picking apart everything I say. I'm also a good listener & defiantly do not judge. I haven't had many exciting lifetime experiences but I defiantly have a lot of interests & I understand dealing with children w/ special needs, suicide ( my close friend in high school, my brother in-law) sounds weird to say brother-law I met him when he was 5yrs old, so more like a brother. I've been with my husband for 29yrs we started dating at 16 this may is our 25th wedding anniversary. Definatly not a perfect marriage but we make it work. My husband was in the Army he was in special forces. That was a adventure. Lol went through 41/2 yrs unexplained infertility then had twins ( boy & girl ), we had one more a boy then we decided to be done and soon are youngest was born ( a girl ). Both boys have seriouse bleeding disorders & 1 has Asbergers, all 4 have ADHD & anxioty also our oldest son has non-verble learning disorder & dyslexia ect. They are all teens now & the twins are in thier first year of colledge. So life is much quieter but Maby being with the same person for 29yrs & raising kids in & out of hospitals, physical theropist , occupational theropist ect & constantly battling with the school system for there rights, may have made me loose the ability to have or be a friend. Times have changed & I finally do have some time to my self but now feel lost

sorry but dont hate all men ok?
I know you didnt say HATE but I know you feel left out or rejected
So its easy to feel that way

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear I don't hate men at all. My husband & I started dating at 16 & he is my best friend, but he's just not there emotionally any more. That probably happens after 29 yrs together . Lol

It normally happened with the passage of time. This is being shown coldness from each partner. Try to go to 16 and enjoy the life please.