Need A True Friend

i really do need a friend. i dont have any currently. they all moved away or found new peeps. old friends only ever come around if they need money or a place to stay.
but my friends have only ever been friends when i had something to offer. like money or food. when i quit working and had a kid. no one wanted to talk to me.
so i just need a friend with an open mind, i have been through a lot. some things about me others might not agree with.
i have tons of great stories.
i also write poetry that i can share
just need a friend to chat with.
dragonflykist dragonflykist
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5 Responses Jan 9, 2013

straight answer, learn to say, "sorry, i can't help ya'."

will do.

hey i also need a friend even though not physically just someone to talk. I feel at times like people who claim to be friends just do not understand me. I can listen because at times i wish someone would listen to me.

yeah, i really dont have anyone to talk to, there are ppl who say they are my friends but never seem to want to hang out unless they need something.

ahahahaha.. trust me i realy get yah.. no real friends anymore

I am here for you. i also need a true friend. I am very open minded and I have some stories too, secrets that are dying to come out. but no one to share them with and i too have a "sister" if u kno what i mean. you are welcome to message me or email me wheneveryou like.

okay thank you. its nice to be able to talk to someone

I am always here too, i grew up in Houston all my life and moved near the Dallas area last year and don't have any friends or anybody to talk to.

i live in oklahoma, i didnt move, but all my friends did.

I would like to read your poems and I am open minded, email me if you like.