The Sadness That Hurts

Being sad is something I am really good at. Well, you learn with time . I have been sad for so long, that I am scared . I am scared of the thought that I may forget how to be happy again. I am sad that involves a smile plastered on my face. That’s the worst type of sad. That’s the type of sadness where nobody knows your actually a depressed soul searching for someone to rescue you from the hole that you are buried in. the rescuer need not be prince charming or even a dark knight for that matter, just someone who honestly understands , someone who listen and most importantly someone who cares.
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i couldnt smile for years but do now occasionaly now i found it was a matter of appresiating more of the simple things in life . like a sunny day finding this site to stop me feeling so isolated

Lets talk maybe I can offer a way out

My dear if u need to talk or express ur self I'm here.... I've been through that before...

You need to find things that make you happy and make Sind serious changes in your life. You are the only one who can make this possible, with strength and courage you can achieve and accomplish anything. Make a lust of what you lke about yourself good and bad, what you want to achieve, where you want to go in life. Believe me, each time you tick them off you'll feel great!!

i have tried making a list. it works for a few days and then eventually i kind of stop. but i am trying m best to dig mysekf out of the hole that i am buried in

I am hear if you ever need someone to talk to! You can message me anytime(:

will do :)
thanks fr the offer :)

The only person who can rescue you is YOU. Many people go through life believing that the answer to their loneliness (or whatever) is an intimate relationship. They then go on to form parasitic relationships, and totally collapse if the relationship later folds as parasitic relationships often do. The relationships more likely to stay strong are those where both parties are strong independent individuals who would enjoy loving and sharing, but who can both survive without it. Find out why you are sad and fix it. Not having a lover shouldn't make you sad.... lonely perhaps, even sexually frustrated but never sad. Once you are strong (and not sad) you will better be able to truly give of yourself in an intimate healthy relationship. One which has a chance of succeeding long term. You are very pretty by the way.

i have read millions of stories outlining exactly what you have sad. and yeah, u need two independent individuals to make a relationship work. i know all of that. i m really trying my level best to make it work in my life :)

thanks fr the advice btw :)