Why is it so hard to make friends when you get older? Like, I used to make new friends every day when I was little, just because someone liked something similar, or they liked my favourite colour. Now it's like I have to have some sort of soul connection with anyone or sacrifice someone to satan to make a friendship, I just don't get it! Why can't someone just wanna be friends for the simple things in life??
KikiMouse KikiMouse
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I ask myself the same question every time I walk into varsity... It sucks the amount of effort you have to put in just to find someone to enjoy the simple things I'm life.

Because life is not simple it's anything but simple you just have to learn how to handel it I think it's a sort of stage in life were you have to understand tht not everyone will be your friend you could be the sweetest person in the world yet Sumone will still be a ***** to you you just have to have indepence show them tht your an Awesome person then you'll have friends in no time

It's harder and easier.. The older you get the more busy scheduled everyone's lives become and your friend scene will constantly or often every 3-5 yr cycles be changing. I'm a bit older than you and I can offer advise. Just watching a movie on this Friday night at home ;)