I Actually Have More Than One Instance Of This "running" And I'd Seriously Like "endtask" Them All.

Here it is. I have taken the names out and replaced them with letters so the reader won't be distracted from possibly realizing they have seen this situation somewhere before in their own lives. After all, it can't be -too uncommon- if it's happened to me more than once in the last two years...

We got "person u" and then we got someone or something else that we'll just call "x".

Person 'u' -really wants- to fit-in with and be accepted by 'x' (and 'x' can be either an "organization" or a person... it doesn't matter as the dynamics are likely to be similar), but 'x' has always had some sort of 'social advantage' such that 'u' needs 'x' more than 'x' needs 'u'. Initially things were going quite fine between 'u' and 'x', but then some sort of stupid incident happened which caused 'x' to reject 'u'. U could "stomach the losses" for a certain amount of time after this happened, but that time was pretty limited given that 'u' needed and still needs 'x' so incredibly badly. This rejection caused 'u' to eventually become very angry cause no matter what 'u' did (due to fact 'x' doesn't actually need 'u' because of their little "advantage") 'x' just kept on rejecting them.

It is important to note that 'x' is absolutely irreplacable to 'u'. It took 'u' decades of searching to find 'x' and it's very unlikely another 'x' will ever be found... (And this isn't some "teenage crush opinion", this is -fact- determined by decades of life experience)

So now that 'u' is very angry and somewhat "outspoken" about that anger (how much can vary by the individual situation), 'x' has now convinced/is convincing itself that 'u's anger is proof that 'u' is 'bad', even though that anger -never would have happened in the first place- if the f_cking little dumb little incident hadn't occurred...

And 'u' constantly has this daily choice between being calm or expressing anger over 'x', which is a hard choice because though being calm might lead to 'x' coming around, bottling up anger causes its own problems (such as taking that anger out on other people, 'x' not ever knowing that some of the fault is indeed theirs and how badly 'u' wants resolution, etc, etc).

And because of x's little "advantage" they have no comprehension of "how bad" 'u' has actually "got it" in their life. To them 'u' is just a bad guy who 'overreacted' or something. As an analogy to pop culture, the 'x's are "cloud people" who don't understand how bad the miners on the planet's surface below have it, just like in that classic 60's Star Trek episode expressing this same sentiment...

Also 'x' is totally irrational and puts their fingers in their ears and goes "nanny nanny noo noo I can't hear you" :-D whenever 'u' tries to discuss the matter with them, because resolving things takes work, they find resolving things more difficult than most, and after all, they need 'u' a lot less than 'u' needs them.

So given all this, how does 'u' finally get 'x' to respect them? (because after all, they could be getting along -fabulously- if it wasn't for whatever stupid incident occurred)
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
Aug 10, 2010