Long Desperation=need a Wee!

I go for a wee 3, 4 times a day but one time i tried to hold it for long, read this story.


I woke up late one day and dident have time to wee, i had to get to work quickly while holding it in.

"comon, i need to do a big wee", i sat in my car, legs crossed really tight. After 50 minuites i got to work but the toilets were shut.

"****" i said and walked to my office and saw my friends and they saw me dancing around and they said"ya need a wee?" and i said"a big wee", my friends started drinking there water knowing i was very desperate and told me that "the wee spot" was closed. I put my left hand down my skirt to my wee-hole with my legs crossed and was amazed at the relief as i had drunk 5 cups of tea, 2 cups of coffee and 3 glasses of champaine last night.

I had to work over-time that night and had to stay with my "lesbian boss" who was sexualy aroused when she saw me. She put her hand on my *** and said"let the wee out of yourself" she said, i replied "what do you mean, wee" while jiggling up and down. She then put her hand up my skirt and found me waring tight knickers, suddenly, i wet my self with wee every where my boss took her clothes off and tried to seduce me, i rejected and had to drive home soaked!

need2wee need2wee
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py didnt u have sex with her? it would of been hot (4 her) but weird as well coz u wouldnt want to have sex with her when ur covered in ur own pee would u?
arhhhhh i need to **** but my BF has locked me out the house so im standing on our balcony (3rd floor) half naked with nothin but a towel around me and im sitting on the chair crossing my legs so tight but i feel any moment now my bladder is going to explode please help ive been stuck out here for 35mins and i have this condition where i have to pee every 20 mins and havent been for 35mins!!! so im litterally jumping about the balcony in the smallest towel ever because i need to **** really badly plzz help!!!!!

MY f*****g bf has just left our house with me still on our balcony!!! S**T my Towel is now wet and sticking to me!!! and i have a feeling that is not because ive had a shower!!!!

Lovely story, thanks.

how old was your boss theres a reason you didn't let her right

You should have driven home naked.

why didn't you have sex with her?