I Need Help

Hi all, I am just an ordinary guy and i am quite shatered as i have already faced alot of up and downs in my such short life, now the problem has arised over my future, i really need help from people who have enough time to help me, i do not need any donations because i am not a beggar. I have created a network from which i can earn and those who help me shall also earn, this is because i have tried everything else to get some money but nothing is working for an ordinary guy like me...  I really need people to join me and fast. please contact me at smartearningplandotcom.

scorpionking scorpionking
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

if you need a little money, try Swagbucks. I love that site! you have to do some work but it's worth it. message me if you have any questions